This Café In Britain Is Accepting Cryptocurrency
Image Credit: Chai Ada facebook page

In an era when Cryptocurrency is taking over the real currency, have you ever thought that you can eat and pay via Crypto. This digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography is the next big thing that is taking the world by wave. Interestingly this digital payment system doesn’t really rely on banks for transactions, the exchange is digital, encrypted and decentralized and going by the crypto way a café in Shepherds Bush, West London, 'Chai Ada' becomes Britain's first café that accepts cryptocurrency payments. 

This Pakistani truck-art themed café started by Tayyab Shafiq, a 26-year-old mechanical engineer is in the news as it has broken the stereotypes of dealing with real currencies. The outlet that is known to serve chai, samosa, paratha, biriyani and more has been quite a rage. The place sees some interesting chai variety like cinnamon chai, pink Kashmiri tea, masala tea, and so on. The owner who is a cryptocurrency supporter, thinks that since digital currency is the future as it sees a decentralized in nature. 

Courtesy- Facebook

 This bright, vibrant, desi place that sees the colourful truck motifs on the walls gives a very invite feel the moment you step in and surely catches people’s attention.. Tayyab, who is a foodie himself, says the café still accepts cash and card apart from accepting cryptocurrency. Chai Ada is also coming up with an app that will help in crypto payments. He is of the view that it’s a known fact that big crypto coins charge higher transaction fees. The customers here pay for their food via using digital currency be it Bitcoin or Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Verge and so on. Further adding that her wants to play his little part to help and encourage people to use cryptocurrency

This café also has metaverse plans for the future and yes customers also get a 10% off lifelong if they buy NFT (non-fungible token) from the café.