This Ande Ka Halwa Recipe Is Just The Right Amount Of ‘Experimental’ You Should Be Today
Image Credit: Move over omelettes, beat eggs to make a halwa this time

We are no stranger to quirky, ‘off-beat’ desserts. We are the land that gave birth to mirchi ka halwa and chenna poda (burnt cheese) after all. While you may find umpteen naysayers, there will always be a few who would be willing to give every dish its fair chance. Those who understand the sheer magic of ingredients, know how the right amount used in the right manner could result in something extraordinary. Ande ka halwa, is a classic example. Whenever you think of halwa, you only associate it with select few ingredients that would taste delicious with a sweetening agent such as sugar, honey or jaggery. Eggs, in our country, is mostly used for all things savoury. Omelette, bhurji, anda curry... you get the drift, right? So is this risqué halwa worth your time, absolutely yes! 

The idea of ande ka halwa may seem shocking at first, but when you think about the core components of the halwa, you may not be that appalled after all. Eggs, sugar and milk are key ingredients of cakes, pudding and mousse too. Therefore, combining them for a whole new dessert, a desi one this time, is a risk worth a shot.   

How To Make Ande Ka Halwa:  

Ande ka halwa is a very popular dessert in North India, especially in states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana. To make this halwa, all you need to do is combine milk, eggs, khoya, some yellow food colouring (you can also use saffron) and sugar in a porridge-like consistency. Throw in some nuts for that extra crunch and flavour. Here is a delectable recipe of Ande ka Halwa by Better Butter that you can try at home today. Follow this link here and treat yourself with something truly special.