This Amritsar Eatery Features On Anand Mahindra’s Go-To List; Here’s Why
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Twitter video by 'Amritsar Walking Tours'

It’s now common knowledge that the Covid-19 pandemic has not only caused loss of life, but also livelihoods. Businesses, particularly in the food and hospitality industry, have incurred irreversible losses that will take years to fulfil. The internet is filled with heart-wrenching stories, where small restaurants and dhaba owners are pleading for help. And many people have offered their support. 

Remember ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ in Delhi? In a similar case, when two orphaned brothers in Amritsar recently took to social media, making a heartfelt request to help rescue their restaurant, it moved many people. One among them was industrialist Anand Mahindra. The billionaire businessman, who is known for sharing interesting and witty posts on social media, took to Twitter on Saturday to share the story of this Amritsar restaurant.  

He put up the video shared by a YouTube channel, called ‘Amritsar Walking Tours’, in which the vlogger was seen talking about how two youngsters - Jaishandeep Singh  and Anshdeep Singh - are struggling to run a small eatery in the city, after they lost their father to the deadly virus last December. The brothers – aged 17 and 11 years – serve pizza, burgers, grilled sandwiches and other items, in order to financially support their family. “These kids are amongst the pluckiest I’ve seen anywhere. May they soon have lines of people waiting to get into the restaurant,” Mahindra wrote while sharing the clip. Take a look at the video:

In the video that runs for a little more than two minutes, Jaishandeep and Anshdeep give viewers a tour of their restaurant, called ‘Top Grill. According to the vlogger, the eatery was opened by their father to support the family three months ago, but unfortunately he passed away. This left the two young brothers in charge of the family and the restaurant business. Right from cooking to managing the finances, the brothers are taking care of everything. 

But running an eatery amid the pandemic isn’t an easy task, as the brothers are finding it hard to pay the rent too. Through the video, the vlogger is, therefore, requesting people to visit the restaurant. “I love Amritsar & usually look forward to the world’s best Jalebis in the city, but I’m going to add this place to my food binge when I’m next in town,” Mahindra’s post further added. Soon after, his followers replied to the tweet with words of encouragement for the boys. 

“May their wheels of fortune go miles and miles as they are truly blessed with good intent,” a user wrote, while another said, “I am hundred percent sure that their rock solid determination will one day take them to the Himalayan Heights!”. “I’m sure if I visit amaritsir then definitely i will go to the restaurant and eat the pizza,” came the next comment. 

The video has gone viral since then with many users sharing it online. It has already garnered more than 130k views. Several users came forward and said that they would definitely pay them a visit. While some offered them support and blessings, others even stepped forward to help them out with finances.