This 5-Feet Long Rumali Roti Is Breaking Internet, Seen It Yet?
Image Credit: Shutterstock

The overwhelming popularity of Naan is very heartening indeed. It is about time, that the breads from East, get the fame and popularity they deserve, as the list is truly long and varied. We have breads of all shapes, sizes, and textures. Rumali Roti, another popular flatbread that is consumed widely across India and Pakistan, in our opinion makes the best pair with curries and kormas. It may not be as popular in the West, as the ‘Naan bread’, but it has been around for a while to have a considerable following among Desi. The characteristic feature of the flatbread is its thickness, it is rolled so thin, that it starts resembling a handkerchief. The word ‘Rumali’ also comes from the word ‘Rumaal’ which means handkerchief in Hindi and Urdu. Another interesting theory associated with the Roti is that the Nawabs or the royalty would use it to wipe off extra grease or oil from their hands while they feasted on a lavish multicourse menu.  

From the Nawabs to commonfolk, Rumali roti has impressed all. The Rumali Roti is already pretty big in size (since it is rolled out so thin), but in this viral reel by @chatorebrothers, shot in Amritsar, we see a Rumali roti which is a whopping five feet in size. In the reel we see, a couple of women rolling out the Rumali Roti using atta, until it is thin and limp. They place the roti on a large griddle, using a special skill that prevents the thin roti from sticking together, when the roti is nicely roasted from one side, they use a wide iron rod to turn it over. After they stack a couple of these rotis together, they drizzle some ghee on top and cut them in little rectangles, before serving it with spicy gobhi-matar ki sabzi and dal makhani. You can watch the mesmerising video that has so far garnered more than 5.1 million views.