These Were 2021's Most-Searched Japanese Foods
Image Credit: Teriyaki

Japanese cuisine happens an amazing gastronomical delight, but a lot of us shy away from it too. It may look a little complex but the flavours, texture and taste is surely exceptional. The cuisine sees a large variety of dishes and regional specialties that are been included. The cuisine is known for it’s five cooking techniques (raw food, grilling, steaming, boiling, and frying) and the top five flavours of (salty, spicy sweet, sour, and bitter). The interesting part about this cuisine being that it has developed some very unique culinary traditions, which has attracted travelers and connoisseurs from time to tome to explore the diverse set food that are available. 

Here are few of them that made to the most searched Japanese dishes in 2021.

Teriyaki Amberjack

This classic fish Japanese food cooked in Teriyaki sauce happens to a quick, easy and flavorful dish. For the uninitiated Amberjack or yellowtail, is a type of fish. Greatly appreciated in Japan, this fish is either eaten cooked or raw, and it’s during winter when this fish sees fat content is most relished then. This quick and easy recipe just needs you to season the  Amberjack with salt and pepper and then place it delicately in the pan grill it well with some teriyaki sauce and once nicely glazed can be served hot. 



This popular dish in the cuisine ginger that has been grilled or fired (Shoga- ginger, Yaki – grilled or fired ginger). Shogayaki  is typically made with pork but you can make with chicken and other red meat too. It basically sees marinating the pork is and frying it in ginger. Tender sliced pork loin pieces are marinated in sweet ginger sauce and then cooked. Cooked in almost 20 mins, this one goes great some sticky rice. The tender juicy pieces of pork are real indulgence. 


Tonjiru literally means pork in soup, hence this is simple miso soup loaded with pork and lots of vegetables. This wintertime special soup special is almost a main dish. Easy to prepare and real comforting, Tonjiru is winter comfort in a bowl. Thick cuts of pork slow cooked in a broth along with variety of vegetables and well-seasoned makes for a perfect bowl.  This is surely one of the most budget meal one can have.