These Traditional Goan Christmas Feast Will Light Up Your Table
Image Credit: Egg Nog

It’s that time of the year when Santa comes visiting with his bag full of goodies. And in this season if you happen to be in Goa you will be showered with all of Christmas delicacies that have made their presence on the table over the years. Most of the Goan home are supposed to have these for the Christmas during there family dinner. Also it’s said that the Goan Catholic got the the ritual of making sweets for Christmas from the Portuguese. Don’t forgot that their, Christmas surely is incomplete without the sweets. It clearly shows food makes for the centre focus for any celebration.

At Slurrp we have a list of Goan Christmas lunch/ dinner. 

Flowerbud shaped Kormolas 

These homemade mildly sweet, crispy golden-brown goodies are distributed to family and friends during Christmas. Made specially during Christmas season. These sweet nibbles have a short shelf life. Made in ghee this one sees a flaky texture and is sweet to the palate. Pinching the opposite tip and swisted them gives it a diamond-shaped cutouts that’s looks like a conch shell. These Flower bud or conch shell sweet is an important dish served during Kuswar- Goan Christmas. 


This Goan sweet made with coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour, is absolutely everything but usual. This melt in the mouth dessert that with a velvety texture mostly tastes like a sticky toffee is also popular in Southeast Asia. Known as Mont kalama in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines and other countries barely needs five ingredients. It’s an absolute household favourite of most Goan. Served as part of the Christmas platter, the sweet flavor of Goan Pyramid Jaggery gives that rich taste. 

Serradura (sawdust Pudding):

Serradura - Juhi Jamba (Facebook)


The dessert that’s supposed to have been dessert originated in Portugal is one of the easiest dessert this super delicious dessert just take around 15mins and bare minimum ingredients. Made by layering of crushed tea cookies mixed with sweetened whipping cream this dessert is absolutely elegant and looks fancy. The taste of this soft, creamy will tickle your taste buds to your heart delight. Make sure to use the usual crushed Maria cookies.

Chicken Xacuti 

This classic chicken Chicken Xacuti (pronounced “sha-kooti”) dish too makes it presence on the Christmas table. This delicious chicken curry from Goa made with freshly roasted spices, this curry goes best with local Goan Poee or even with rice. The blend of coconut and spices like black pepper (meerya), chilli, turmeric, onion, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, etc. gives it that unique taste. 

Good Ol’ Egg Nog 

This good Ol’ popular holiday drink has a history that goes all the way to 1700s in Medieval Britain. This drink featuring eggs and booze is absolute easy to make. Just add some cream, sugar, eggs, and spices along with some whisky, and/or brandy. Spike it up with some cinnamon for that extra punch and there it’s ready. Fsince it’s the festive season feel free to increase the quantity rum and bourbon to your heart's content. Have you seen that it’s a drink where 50 percent of the letters are G.