These Popular Dishes From Korea Are a Must-Try

Korean dishes have become globally popular because of their scrumptious tastes. Delicacies like Kimchi can easily make you fall in love with them. If you are a big fan of Korean cuisines and they leave you drooling over the local dishes from the region, you have reached the right place. Here is a list of some famous Korean dishes for all you foodies out there.

Korean Fried Chicken

Also known as chikin in South Korea, this fried chicken is eaten as an appetizer or after-meal snack. To make delicious Korean fried chicken, you need to season chicken wings with garlic, honey, and sauce. Then, double fry these wings. Serve it with beer especially somaek.

Seawed Soup

This is called a birthday special soup because you will usually find people serving seaweed soup on somebody’s birthday. The dish contains garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce and taste like fish.


This popular Korean street food is made with stir-fried cakes. It looks similar to pasta but tastes more delicious. Extremely spicy in flavor, this staple Korean dish is served with a lip-smacking sauce. 

Gyeran Mari

It is basically rolled omelette. Usually eaten during lunch, gyeran mari is prepared using eggs and veggies.


Also known as glass noodles, japchae can either be served in the main course or as a side dish. This noodle-dish is prepared using sweet-potato, beef, vegetables along with a few spices. You can garnish japchae with sesame seeds. 


This is another famous Korean street food that’s people’s favourite in the country. If you are thinking, sundae is an icecream dessert, you are mistaken. It is a type of blood sausage which is prepared with cow intestine and boiled pig. Also, rice,noodles and pork blood is added to the dish to make it perfect to eat. Sounds disgusting? Well, not to Korean population.