These Iconic Cafes Across India Are All About Nostalgia
Image Credit: Zomato

Each city that we visit for sure has a culinary institution that has been favourite amongst the gluttonous for years. These cafes have been way of life for the people of that city. They are landmark addresses. Packed with people most of the time, these cafes serve some of the most comforting food that one can look for. 

Here's the list of few from across the country.

Britannia & Co. Restaurant

Visiting Mumbai and not having some Keema salli or Irani chai at this iconic stop is almost like missing on a big part of the city. This place is all about old world charm. The menu sees a great selection of Iranian flavours, with good portion size. The chipped ceiling, red and white checkered linen table, old furniture’s, along with Britannia is known for its dhansak-rice (a stew of mutton and pulses), sali boti (mutton) that is cooked in a subtly sweet gravy sprinkled topped with some crisp potato chips, and of course the berry pulao is a must to dig in. This gem Parsi café in South Bombay, dates back to 1920.

Indian Coffee House – Kolkata

Tucked in the by-lanes of boi para (book locality) in College Street, Indian coffee house is not just a place to have coffee it is an institution in itself. From discussion on freedom movement to conceptualize an iconic movie this place has seen it all. The Indian Coffee House is no ordinary place in the city, it’s like you step inside a different era the moment you come here. Once the hub of city’s intellectual elite, this place is sheer nostalgia. With much posh places that have come up in the city, the India coffee house has yet not lost its charm and flavour.

Known for it’s coffee, cutlets and snacks, this is one of the few places that will let you smoke inside, a rarity in today’s time. This place is older than many other places that the city sees today. 

Koshy’s, Bengaluru

Sipping in your favourite filter coffee at Koshy’s, one of Bangalore’s iconic café is nothing short of an experience of sorts.  This is the place where names like Jawaharlal Nehru, Nikita Khrushchev had dined in too. From their roast chicken to Fish ‘n’ Chips and the famous Onion soup each is worthy a try. The roast chicken gets served with some mashed potato and veggies is an bellyful delight. For your special hunger the Prawn Biryani is surely the winner, and if you are an early morning person then head here for breakfast to dig into some Koshy’s Special Coffee, Omelette and sandwiches. 

Vohuman Café, Pune

Craving for some cheese omelette and Irani chai, then Vohuman Café, in Pune is your go to place. Vohuman is that landmark eatery in the city that sees one of the best hot Irani Chai, bun maska and Cheese Omelette. Started in 1978, this legendary place will not fail to impress you. Vohuman has it’s loyalist who are regulars for their chai and adda. This relaxed place is surely your place to unwind.