These Home Chefs Are Changing The Way People Enjoy A Meal
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It’s been few years that there has been a sudden rise in home chefs who cook from the comfort of their homes and deliver some of the finest meal. Serving some amazing culinary adventures, stories and more, Home chefs are the changing the way people dined once upon a time. 

Here are three home chefs from Kolkata

Vidisha Bathwal, Paprika Gourmet


Vidisha believes that cooking can be a vital instrument in one’s life, it often acts as a stress buster or simple bearings in the joy that comes with creating something completely exotic with the very basic ingredients. It is this pursuit for happiness, which inspired her to start Paprika Gourmet in 2011. Her relentless quest to live her passion by infusing a part of her dream in every dish that she creates was one of the factors that drove her to take up her integral role in the brand. Paprika Gourmet, an exotic artisan catering service that is Kolkata's premium gourmet destination. Known for their Sautéed Asparagus in lemon butter sauce or the black rice with hazelnut pesto or Olive pate, Sushi Cakes, Torta De Tres Leches, ‘Punjab da Dhaba platter’, Baked Alaska and more Paprika Gourmet is changing the way Kolkata dines. 

Pallavi Khaitan, For_kandknifePallavi believes in the authenticity of food and culture and hence focuses on creating dishes that assimilate all the fundamental flavours. She envisions letting people enjoy bona fide gourmet food and fall in love with the culinary diversity. She reciprocates Kolkata's great love for food and is keen towards bringing something fresh to the table; for Pallavi it's the new challenges that keep her driven.  Pallavi Khaitan recognised the flipside of the pandemic and decided to follow her passion for cooking and the diversity of global cuisine. She embarked on her culinary journey as a recipe curator and now her brainchild For_kandknife is a thriving home kitchen that serves appetizing global cuisines with great love and care and their Pumpkin Black rice soup, vegan Moroccan chickpea hand pies packed with vegetables, encased in a crispy wrap, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Spicy Cabbage Ramen Noodles or the Teriyaki tofu noodle salad or the Budae Jjigae (Korean Stew) each is a show stealer. 

Sakshi Sureka, Homely Zest

Sakshi Sureka, a young gourmand, who started her passion project, Homely Zest, a cloud kitchen in South Kolkata is known for providing wholesome comfort meals with a modern twist and continental flavors modified to suit the Indian Palate. Sakshi started her food delivery business, while she stayed at home during the pandemic and today she aims to birng the diversity of Indian cuisines to her customers.

Freshest veggies, cut to perfection and tossed in an exotic peanut dressing with Homely Zest's authentic touch or their Crispy quinoa & edamame sushi, cottage cheese steak with olive tepanade, tomato risotto and saffron sauce, Philadelphia Filo Cup Canapes,  Airy light muffins served with melted white, dark and milk chocolate surely tops the list.