These Creamy Butter Chicken Gravy Momos Promise to Make You Drool
Image Credit: Momos (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Are you one of those people who just can’t resist themselves having momos whenever they go out? Well, I certainly am. It has become like a ritual for me and my best friend to have a plate of veg momos after spending an entire day shopping in Central Park, Delhi. Though we both always end up having tears rolling down our eyes after relishing those hot and spicy momos, we still stick to our most favourite Northeastern delicacy.

If you are also a momo lover and happen to be a big fan of butter chicken too, we have good news for you. Trippy Junction, a Delhi-based cloud kitchen has become famous in the region for combining the magic of both the dishes and serve its customers. The creamy chicken momos tossed in oodles of butter gravy can make anyone drool. Want to have a look at them? Scroll down!

Trippy Junction is located in Dwarka, Sector 10 market. It serves a range of delicious and unique momos including Chilli Chicken Momos, Pan-Fried Cheese Momos, Chilli Mushroom Momos, and more. We know you haven’t heard of these types of momos before. The same was the case with me until recently. A little while back, the outlet rolled out its special Butter Chicken Gravy Momos which has now become a hit. A plate of this special delicacy will cost you Rs 400 while half a plate will cost you Rs 250. The prices may seem a bit high but believe us, you will keep on asking for more once you taste them. 

Apart from momos, there is an array of other lip-smacking veg and non-veg dishes that you can order from here. From Achari Paneer Tikka to Chilli Paneer, and Hot Chicken Wings, the delivery kitchen will leave you spoilt for choices. You can place your order through the cloud kitchen’s Instagram page. Soon, you will be able to do the same through Zomato.