These Cocktails Mixers Are Changing The Drinking Game
Image Credit: Ginger Ale from Svami Drinks

Gone are the days of just simply sipping in some Gin n Tonic or just a simple screw driver. The market these days are flooded with Booze-free merriment and variety of tonic waters that will change the drinking game. All the more with city announcing weekend curfew it’s a great idea to stock up your home with some great amazing cocktail mixers, ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages, DIY cocktail /mocktail kits. 


With plenty of homegrown labels in market Punweet Singh- Co- Founder Jade Forest says “As a recent trend we have not only seen a sudden surge of tonic waters launched by a number of homegrown and international brands but also a huge influx of introduction of different flavours of tonic waters. This trend took off recently since a lot of consumers were looking for a variety of flavours owing to different taste palettes. The classic gin and tonic were the only popular easy to make cocktails but since the introduction of flavoured tonic waters it has elevated the flavour of the entire drink.  People at home, bars and restaurants are experimenting with tonic water and are introducing them to make creative drinks like coffee tonic which has become very popular these days. Tequila as a spirit is witnessing a global resurgence and a tequila tonic is the most innovative drink we could make with the fusion of tonic water”. 

These innovative are also creative like Iceburst – Artisan Frozen Mixes where you just peel, pop, drop and stir the Ice Burst cubes in the glass and there you get your instant cocktail ready. It absolutely saves the whole effort of muddling or garnishing. While with brands like Svami launching Non-Alcoholic Gin & Toni that’s crafted with classic botanicals like juniper and different citruses and berries. Tastes like a gin & tonic but is completely alcohol free, it makes perfect for drinking anytime and for people who prioritise taste but do not want to consume alcohol. Further adding Aneesh Bhasin, Co-founder, Svami quotes “We launched 3 variants of non-alcoholic beverages namely - Non-alcoholic Gin n Tonic, Non-alcoholic Pink Gin n Tonic and Non-alcoholic Rum and Cola. Flavoured tonic waters would be a small niche and I definitely think it is linked to the uptake of gin. Examples of products with Indian flavours I spoke about are on the lines of different kinds of mixers which we can see in the market in the coming year. 

Be it variants of Ginger Ale or Soda or different kinds of non-alcoholic drinks coming in the space. At Svami using the Indian flavours, we have Jamun Ginger Ale and Pomelo Soda. We see a lot of scope for innovation with Indian flavours due the resurgence and increasing importance of using local ingredients to create such mixers. We would not want to limit them to tonic waters but ginger ales, lemonades and sodas”. 


With these mixers giving the booze-free home bar a lift, these homegrown mixers are seen to cater to a big demography of people and are a perfect alternative to a health-friendly non-alcoholic drink. We all know that Tonic waters are a must for any home bar and these craft blends are giving that edge since they are designed to be that ideal mixers with your alcohol. From floral to grapefruit and many more innovative flavours too remind you of closer home. Nameet M, Co-Founder& Global Head-Innovation, Sakurafresh Beverage & Food adds “Cocktails have gone fashionable during the post pandemic with 50 to 60% drinks orders in Pubs and Bars. Sakurafresh is seeing major growth of our Zero Alcohol Spirits, Liqueurs, Bitters and Cocktail Syrups as bartenders are driving innovative cocktails with plethora of ingredients to choose from. Sobriety is on the rise especially with Gen Z and Millennials, as a global innovation leader in the Zero Alcohol beverages, Sakurafresh is leading the change crafting newer recipes with its beverage portfolio. With consumers seeking a bit of normalcy, they are also craving classic cocktails drinks with an edge. More and more pubs and bars will get inventive and intentional with zero or low alcohol options, and maybe they'll even ditch the "mocktail" word once and for all.”

The new age new age drinker is more aware and sees a much evolved palate and these tonic waters, non-alcoholic drinks are upgrading the game and giving the cocktail-loving Indians an array of options.