These Bengali Dishes With Mango Are A Summer Favourite

Come summer and the whole plate changes. The spice get milder, you look for something that’s more soothing or cooling and yes light on your body too. And when we thinking of changing the plate summer special mango must make it’s presence. And like any other cuisine Bengali cuisine too knows how to play with this summer favourite. 

Aam Tok Daal

In summer most Bengali homes sees masoor dal or builir daal being cooked in afternoon. Both are light and great source of protein. Masoor daal cooked with raw mangoes is absolutely a delight during summers. This authentic Bengali summer dish can be paired with some Aloo Korola Bhaja, Posto Bata along with some rice. The dal us pressure cooked until whistle. Then in a wok, some oil is added and some paanch phoron. Once it crackles the raw mangoes are added and cooked for a minute. Then the boiled dal is added and cooked for 3-4 minutes. This simple recipe is no brainer and is high in nutrition.

Aam Pora Shorbot

This dish that is made with charred raw mangoes is something similar to aam panna. The mangoes are first roasted on a gas stove and once it starts t char, it’s taken out and then peeled. The pulp is taken out and put in a blender with some, salt and bhaja moshla (a roasted spice mix). Once done the sugar is adjusted and served chilled with some ice.  This is an sure shot thirst quencher for those mercury high days. The drink sees some smoky flavour note too. This one helps in cooling the body. 

Tok Maacher Jhol

This light soupy fish curry with green mango, mustard and coconut is great for summers. A little tangy on the palate and a little pungent due to use of mustard, the dish is great balance of flavours. You can choose to add a fish of your choice be it rohu, katla, morola (Indian carplet) or even tangra maach. This curry is absolutely delicious and goes best with rice. This dish is bliss in summer time. 

Aamer chutney

Aamer chutney is a sweet and sour chutney/ condiment that is made during summer and is mostly had the end of the meal. this famous Bengali chutney is little sticky in texture. Some oil is heated in the wok and then some mustard seeds and red chilli are added till they crackle. Then the cut raw mangoes are added and cooked for a few minutes. Then some salt and turmeric powder is added. Once the mangoes have softened then sugar is added as per taste. Cover it with a lid and let it simmer until mangoes are tender. Add some water and see the consistency. Later the dish is garnished with some bhaja moshla.

Aam Payesh

Also known as Mango Kheer, this dessert is most loved during summer. Aam Payesh, a thick, rich, creamy and delicious Bengali dessert that is made with milk and pupl of fresh sweet mangoes. Once the kheer/payesh is made its made to cool then the pulp of the mango is added for that texture and taste.