These 3 Places In Darjeeling Offer The Best Naga Cuisine
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The cuisines of the Gorkhas, Khampas, Lepchas, and Sherpas are all represented in Darjeeling's culture. Darjeeling cuisine is known for being a blend of food influenced by West Bengal, Tibet, and Nepal, resulting in a really fascinating gastronomic scene in Darjeeling. Traditional Naga dishes and feasts may be found in Darjeeling. While there is a small Naga population in the area, there are just a few restaurants that serve Naga cuisine. The Naga Platter (thali) often comprises rice, fermented or dried bamboo shoots, chicken, pork, or fish, ghee (milk butter), pickles, and other condiments. The smell and odours of fermented bamboo stalks are typical. So, unless you're extremely brave, go for the dried bamboo stalks instead. Chicken is a good addition to the dish. Darjeeling's Naga cuisine is a must-try. Naga cuisine is devoid of spices and mainly reliant on the ingredients available in the area. The Nagas consumes a range of boiled dishes rather than oil-fried items. Obviously, their foods have optimum protein and vitamin storage. Ginger and a typical local chili are used to flavor the majority of Naga foods. If you're in Darjeeling, these restaurants will provide you with the best Naga food. 


Revolver is the place to go in Darjeeling if you want to try traditional Naga cuisine. The Revolver Lodge and Restaurant is a unique establishment inspired by the rock band The Beatles. The restaurant and café provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Naga cuisine is well-known for its meats and seafood, which are usually prepared utilizing techniques such as smoking, fermenting, and other methods. 

Address: 110 Gandhi Road, Behind Union Chapel, Darjeeling 

Timings: No walk-ins, only preorder facility (contact – 837191957)

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You will see that you are entering a wonderful restaurant with wooden design, arches, and great interiors as you enter and pass through the tiny reception and lounge area. The restaurant serves Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan cuisine, as well as Naga cuisine, in a relaxed setting. There's also a bar, with a menu that appears to be rather excellent. 

Address: 5 Nehru Road, near Chowrasta, Darjeeling

Timings: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm 

Kunga Restaurant 

Although Kunga is a small restaurant, open seats are difficult to come by. For authentic local cuisine, Kunga's is the place to go. Their steamed momos and soups, as well as their Tibetan and Naga cuisine, are legendary. Pork Curry is a popular non-vegetarian dish served with hot, steaming rice and local beverages. 

Address: 51, Gandhi Rd, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling 

Timings:  10.30 am to 6.00 pm

Apart from these, there are many equally special cafés, restaurants, and street stalls serving authentic Naga food in Darjeeling's picturesque corners. 

While searching for Naga food, keep in mind that all Naga tribes have distinct cuisines that include meat, seafood, native herbs, ghost peppers, ginger-garlic, and fermented goods. Smoked pork with fermented soyabean, rice, and a chutney called 'Tathu' is a signature dish among the traditional Naga meals, as pork is beneficial and popular among the Naga people. Snails with pork, silkworm larvae, and Naga curry with mashed potatoes are among the many meals that can be counted.