Ice Cream Day 2022: The Unique Puttu Ice Cream Is Winning Hearts
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Puttu Ice Cream

Who wouldn’t agree that when it comes to food, the internet is a treasure trove of quirky and interesting experiments and tricks. While some turn out to be delicious, making you curious about it, others are outright bizarre. Lately, certain food experiments that involve mixing ice cream with Indian favourites like dosa, samosa, dhokla and even chole bhature, is garnering a lot of attention. All for the wrong reasons, though.

Recently, another such combination went viral on social media. This time, it was with the South Indian sweetheart, puttu. In the video making the rounds, an ice cream sundae was made in an all-new avatar.  

For the unversed, puttu is a staple South Indian breakfast dish made by combining rice and coconut shavings. It is made with ground rice and coconut, that are layered in a special cylindrical-shaped vessel and pressed together. It is served with a tangy chickpea curry called, Kadala Curry. 

In the recent experiment, none of the usual puttu ingredients were used. Instead, the ice cream was made in a cylindrical vessel. There are multiple videos and pictures of this interesting dish on social media. In this recipe, corn flakes, dried raisins, tutti-frutti and nuts are added together and mixed with scoops of homemade ice cream. The ice cream could be of any flavour that you may like from mango to strawberry to good old vanilla. The mixture is then put in the cylindrical puttu vessel. The final product does look exactly like putti. If you are trying it at home, you can also top it with shavings of nuts and mixed fruits. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Source: Shutterstock

This unique experiment has raked in millions of views on different such videos, from ice cream lovers, making puttu ice cream one of the latest trending dishes on the internet now. 

That is why, perhaps, restaurants and eateries too are using the puttu maker to create many interesting ice cream sundaes. The unique plating of puttu ice cream has garnered the attention of many food enthusiasts, since it truly has an interesting aesthetic appeal. Don’t you think? 

Now, this is one ice cream experiment that we absolutely love. It was indeed much-needed after the damages done by momo ice cream roll or masala dosa ice cream. What do you think about puttu ice cream? Let us know.