The Ultimate Monsoon Food Guide Every Person From Delhi Would Swear By

It is hard for us to stop staring out the window completely mesmerised by the sight of tress that are a tinge greener, the skies that are a touch darker. The pitter-patter is becoming a huge distraction for our work, but we wipe our misty windows and we stare on. Afterall, the monsoons in Delhi lasts only for a short while, and we have to make the most of it while it is here. Which is why, we bring to you the ultimate monsoon food guide that will whet the appetite of all Delhiites and/or people who are visiting Delhi in this perfectly pleasant weather. Here’s all that you can munch on.

1. Tandoori Momos Of QD’s:

This snack is the epic coming together of two of Delhi’s most solid love affairs. One with momos and the other with that of Tandoori foods. One plate of Tandoori momos comes with five giant dumplings stuffed with minced veg or non veg filling, these momos are then put in tandoor (clay oven) and served with mint and the chilly red chutney. Yes of course we have heard you slurping (and you are not alone).

2. Fateh Ki Kachori, Civil Lines:

Monsoon and kachoris really go hand in hand in North India and Delhi is no different. Fateh ki Kachori is another legendary culinary hotspot for Delhiites. Crushed lentil patties in a fiery hot potato curry, topped with chopped onions and masala. What more do you really need in this weather, right?  

Image credit: Facebook/Fateh Ki Kachori

3. Parathe Of Parathe Wali Galli

What more can be said about the legendary parathe wali galli of Old Delhi that has not been said before. In this nippy weather, the joy of tearing into hot and stuffed parathas like gobhi paratha, keema paratha, kaddu ka paratha is truly unmatched.  

4. Palak Patta Chaat At Triveni

Situated in the heart of Delhi, Triveni Terrace Café truly comes alive during the monsoon, the lush green amphitheater perched beside the café serving up the meanest titbits will surely tug at your heartstrings whether or not you are a fan of monsoon. Our favourite ‘monsoon staple’ here is the palak patta chaat. Batter-coated spinach leaves, deep fried until golden and crisp dunked in a bowl of yoghurt and tangy chutney is something you should definitely try here (always).  

5. Kathi Rolls Of CR Park

A perfect grab and go snack, Kolkata kathi rolls can be found across Delhi, but there something about the loaded, meaty and sauce ones you find at CR Park that are well worth all the calories.  

So, what are you waiting for? Take your car and go for a ride replete with yummy stopovers.