The Trend Of Buddha Bowls And 4 Top Picks To Try Them In Delhi
Image Credit: There are several places in Delhi that do a nice Buddha bowl.

While most of us eat food from a plate, eating out of a bowl can be a much more satisfying experience. Research conducted in the field has indicated that food served in a bowl tends to deliver a better sense of fulfillment than plates. If you just think about it a little deeper, you’ll notice how bowls make the task of eating extremely hassle-free. Apart from saving you from the formalities of dining at a table with a host of cutlery to go with it, it lets you enjoy your football match or the finale of your favourite TV series on your sofa. No worries of spillage and negligible concentration is required while eating out of a bowl. Another advantage is that if there are plenty of elements to be eaten, you can simply throw everything in a bowl and you don’t have fuss over mixing either.  

Interesting, right? The simple act of holding a big bowl of food itself gives you satiation even before you finish eating and that is believed to be a great way for those who are trying to lose weight. It keeps you mindful of your portions and allows you to eat just the right amount. The discussions on bowls and bowl food are incomplete without the mention of Buddha bowls. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. It does have a connection with Lord Buddha and Buddhism.  

The Holy Bowl Of Buddha  

The shape of the bowl is often compared with the belly of the laughing Buddha that sits in the corner of your showcase. The large and round belly is reflected through the gigantic Buddha bowls. Legend has it that Lord Buddha undertook his food journey much before dawn. He would carry a bowl with him and move around in the surrounding areas, dropping by local peoples’ houses. These people would fill the bowl with whatever was available in their kitchens at that time. This method of satisfying hunger by eating what one got from others was continued later by the monks who believed in Buddhism.  

The bowl could be a mixture of anything, from grains to pulses and vegetables. The fact that Buddha was a vegetarian made these Buddha bowls largely a vegetarian meal. Today, we also have vegan bowls available. Sometimes, people tend to add lean meat to the bowl too, although that’s a rarity. The bibimbap of Korea (rice bowl) and many such delicacies from across Asian countries bear resonance with this concept.  

If you haven’t tried them yet, here are some amazing places that serve the best Buddha bowls in Delhi.  

1.   Namaste Asia  

This pan-Asian cloud kitchen has all your Asian cravings sorted. From sushi to Thai curries and decadent desserts, this is the perfect place to order in. You wouldn’t get confused when it comes to Buddha bowls, because they’ve got one interesting variety with Burmese flavours. The creamy khow suey is dunked into the bowl and paired with a delicious range of traditional toppings. Burmese condiments are served along with the bowl to make it wholesome. 

Source: Namaste Asia/Instagram 

Contact: +91-9910112203 

Cost For Two: ₹400 

2.   CAARA At Ogaan  

This is a dine-in and delivery outlet at Chanakyapuri, which gives you a wide range of European and Mediterranean options. They offer a classic Buddha bowl which is gluten-free and vegan. Loaded with all the farm-fresh greens, CAARA has plenty of veggies to keep you content. Avocados, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, sweet potato and pickled onions are flavourfully blended with quinoa in this hearty bowl. Also, you can always count on their all-day breakfast menu too.  

Source: Caara Food/Instagram 

Contact: +91-1141811716, +91-7428765427 

Cost For Two: ₹1,800 

3.  Getafix  

If you need your breakfast fixed with a delicious meal any day, head to Getafix. This cute café is housed in the bustling lanes of GK 1 in South Delhi and offers a wide array of delectable pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads and more. Buddha bowls feature as the few items on their vegan list, filled with fresh vegetables and tofu, covered in a creamy coconut sauce and paired with your choice of side i.e. barley, quinoa or brown rice.  

Source: Getafix/Instagram

Contact: +91-8800203503 

Cost For Two: ₹1,900 

4.   Castle’s Barbeque  

While Connaught Place is the hub of restaurants and eateries in the capital, you might not know of many places that serve a Buddha bowl. Castle barbeque does a fabulous job by giving the regular Buddha bowl a meaty flavour. Chicken covered in a creamy garlic sauce is accompanied by crisp rice, giving the entire bowl a heavenly taste.  

Source: Castle's Barbeque/Instagram 

Contact: +91-9064281200, +91-9650509376, +91-9650509371 

Cost For Two: ₹1,300