Top 5 Stand Mixers to Buy in 2023
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To churn your dough well, whip the meringue, or make a fine batter,  you need a good stand mixer, especially ones that don't leak through the shaft. After all, nobody wants their kitchen to turn into a nightmarish hellscape of dough batter here and there. Fortunately, there are a vast number of options available in the market. With a small budget, you can easily purchase a decent stand mixer that flaunts outstanding features. From beginners to professionals, anyone can whip up a delicious batter in no time with these reliable mixers. So, here is a checklist of the top 5 stand mixers you can trust.

1. Rossmann Professional Stand Mixer (Black)

This 1400 watts 8830 pure copper motor mixer comes with an arsenal of a whisk (for egg whites, cake sauces, and light cream mixtures), a dough hook (spaghetti, heavy bread mixtures), and a beater (for salad and cookies). It has an all-metal-gear planetary movement powered by a Hall IC controlled by 6 Speeds with a Pulse function for excellent mixing. The hall IC ensures optimal motor activity prolonging its service life. Moreover, the mixer has safety locks and overload protection that prevents overheating. Additionally, it has the auto-disable option and, most importantly, the anti-slip feature that holds the machine in place during operation. The Rossmann mixer guarantees you a fine stand mixer with no spilling from the top! 

 ASIN ID - B09KYBBQ63   

2. INALSA Stand Mixer Kratos-1000W (Champagne)

This INALSA stand mixer assures personalised mixing with its 8-level speed control. It has a 5-litre bowl made of stainless steel and a pure copper 1000-watt motor. With its sleek design and safety features, like safety lock protection, and overheating safety, it combines style and productivity uniquely. It is dust-proof, splash-proof, and has anti-slip feet. In addition, you can put it inside a dishwasher for cleaning purposes without any worries; it is absolutely dishwasher-safe.

 ASIN ID - B0873G3Z44   

3. AGARO Elegant Stand Mixer (Dark Grey)

This mixer is a perfect blend of good looks and great function! This AGARO product has 10-speed levels and can be attached to a whisk, a dough hook, or a mixing beater, all of which are provided with the product. It is adept for preparing the doughs of bread, cakes, cookies, muffins, and even chapati. Speed 1 to 6 is for a dough hook, 1 to 7 for a beater, and 8 to 10 for a whisker. Additionally, there is the pulse option for quick blending. It is geared with a pure copper 1400-watt motor and is splash-proof and  spill-proof. The mixer allows no-mess mixing and has a tilt-head design for easy installation and uninstallation. 

 ASIN ID - B0B3T927SQ   

4. Wonderchef Die-Cast Metal Kitchen Stand Mixer and Beater (Black)

With the 6-level speed control of this stand mixer, you can now easily whip up the finger-licking dough and batter in no time. This Wonderchef mixer has a sufficient bowl capacity of 5 litres that can easily help you prepare the dough for a cake for a family of four. In addition, you can prepare the batter for cookies and biscuits or even whipped cream. When it comes to durability, the product is unmatched with its die-cast metal housing. It has all three modes of beaters and a pulse speed control for quick starts and stops. The aluminium blades are detachable, which aids in cleaning. In addition, the product has a 1000-watt motor and is skid resistant.

 ASIN ID - B0714LKQ58   

5. iBELL 4500MPLUS Stand Mixer (Black)

A whopping 8 levels of speed control is there on this stainless-steel device. It has a 100% pure copper motor of 1300 watt capacity. The adjustable tilt head for easy cleaning and the illuminated knob give it a stylish look. In addition, its firm locking system and pulse function ensure an effortless user experience. What's more? It comes with a one-year standard warranty and has another one on registration. In addition, it is adept with the dough hook, mixing beater and whiskers, all of which are provided with the product at no extra charges.

 ASIN ID - B0B5X7W674   

Price Table  



Rossmann Professional Stand Mixer(Black)

Rs. 9,979

INALSA Stand Mixer Kratos-1000W, (Champagne)

Rs. 7,994

AGARO Elegant Stand Mixer (Dark Grey)

Rs. 7,759

Wonderchef Die-Cast Metal Kitchen Stand Mixer And Beater (Black)

Rs. 14,505

iBELL 4500MPLUS Stand Mixer (Black)

Rs. 6,178