The Taco Treat- Traditional Mexican Dish We Love
Image Credit: Freepik

Many people today think of tacos as an American fast-food dish, however only a few people realise that tacos are actually Mexican and not American.  

It originated many years ago in Mexico, when poor people filled flat maize tortillas with fish and other fillings to make them full enough for a meal. It wasn't like the cheesy chicken and vegetable tacos in the market today.  Tacos as we know them now are the result of American influence on Mexican food.  

Poor old Mexican ladies began selling this food as a roadside snack in the United States of America around 1905, and as usual, the Americans grew fascinated with it, resulting in the tacos being altered and changed to their preferences and likes. Mexicans began incorporating cheese, sauce, cream, lettuce, and a variety of meats into their tacos in order to increase sales in American markets. So the tacos that we eat today are not entirely Mexican but have elements of American food culture as well.  \

 Image source-Freepik

Let's look at why they're called tacos: the term taco means 'half' or 'in the centre,' which is appropriate for this snack because the taco is folded neatly from the middle.  

Taco shells are often made of maize flour and filled with a variety of contents such as chicken, fish, beans, vegetables with cheese, lettuce leaves, dips and sauces, and so on. It's similar to a sandwich in that it can be stuffed with a variety of contents. 

With so many Mexican restaurants in India, this meal is gaining appeal among the country's youth. They're ditching their usual pizzas and burgers in and giving this snack a chance. It is available in a variety of flavours and acts as a full meal that can be had at any time of day. People often consider it a comfort food since it is simple to prepare and good, and they can rely on it when they are unable to find something else to eat.  

People love tacos because of the combination of the hard and crispy taco shell with the soft and creamy chicken or veggie filling inside.