Kachche Aam ki Kheer From The Sheherwali Jain Cuisine

Indulging in a delightful cultural legacy, the Sheherwali Jains have cultivated an exquisite affinity for the luscious mangoes. Mangoes play an important role in their culture and cuisine. The Sheherwali Jains, who are well-known for their concentration on a vegetarian diet and pure, satvik ingredients, rejoice in the approach of mango season. 

Under the esteemed patronage of connoisseurs, the Murshidabadi mangoes have gracefully ascended to the status of a symbol of opulent refinement, serving as an example of a refined way of life. The Sheherwalis, renowned for their culinary ability, dedicated themselves to the exquisite craft of grafting mango saplings with those of other aromatic fruits and blossoms, resulting in extraordinary variations of mango cultivars. Each of these meticulously crafted mangoes possesses a remarkable essence and personality, a time-honored tradition that was first introduced by the notable Akbar and maintained by the esteemed Nawabs of Bengal. 

Mangoes, hailed as the epitome of fruit royalty, are adored for their delectably sweet, succulent, and fragrant pulp. The Sheherwali Jains, known for their culinary finesse, skillfully infuse the succulent essence of mangoes into a plethora of delectable creations. These masterful artisans expertly incorporate this luscious fruit into an array of mouthwatering desserts, refreshing beverages, and tantalising curries. Their exquisite flavour and captivating aroma, are not merely a delectable treat but also a treasure trove of health-enhancing properties. 

Rakesh Raghunathan, a chef and food historian, posted a recipe for Sheherwali Mango kheer and calls it a Maanga Payasam on his Instagram. Here’s how to prepare it for yourself. 

Raw Mango Payasam is a delectable and distinctive dessert that beautifully combines the zesty and sugary notes of raw mangoes. This traditional Indian dessert is a wonderful combination of smooth, indulgent, and invigorating components that contribute to its widespread popularity, particularly during the mango season. 


Raw green mangoes (grated) - Boil and strain. 

3 cups water (to wash and rinse raw mangoes) 

4 cups milk 

1 cups sugar 

1⁄4 cup khoya (Unsweetened) 

1 tsp saffron (soaked in milk) 

1 tsp rose water 

Roasted nuts - almonds and cashew (in ghee) 

Method: Peel and grate raw mangoes. Wash in water and boil till mushy. Boil milk and add sugar, saffron, nuts and khoya and reduce it to half. Switch off boiling milk and allow it to cool. Once cool, add the grated and boiled raw mangoes and mix well. Add a drop of rose essence and mix well and serve at room temperature or cold.