The Magical Elixir- Rose Oolong Tea
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Pronounced wu-lung tea, Oolong tea is prepared from camellia plant buds, stems, and leaves. Oolong tea is a magical elixir known to benefit our mental and physical health, as well as our metabolism. Rose oolong, also known as "beauty tea”, is particularly noteworthy for its striking colour and aroma.

When oolong tea is combined with fresh rose petals, the advantages are multiplied, making it a complete health and beauty ritual for us. With its floral and mellow flavour, it will quickly rub off on you. Oolong (wu lung) tea was developed in the Beiyun district of Phoenix Mountain in Fujian Province during the Tang era. In China, it is still widely farmed and processed, and it plays an important role in their tea culture.

It is recommended that you drink one cup of this tea after lunch every day to enhance your metabolism, and the best thing is that it tastes great. Rose petals nicely balance out the bitterness of the oolong tea, and together they make a great everyday mix. For a fun evening with friends, serve this magical elixir with pancakes, crepes, and cupcakes.



Steps to brew rose oolong tea: 

  • Caffeine content-38 mg per cup
  • Add one teaspoon of rose oolong tea to a cup of hot water.(150 ml)
  • Let it brew for 2-3 minutes or longer if you like your tea strong. 

Some helpful tips:

  • To gain the benefits of rose oolong tea, make sure to choose organic rose oolong tea. 
  • When brewing your tea, avoid using boiling water because it will make it taste bitter than it is. 
  • Limit yourself to one or two cups per day.

So, take a deep breath, brew a cup of rose oolong tea, and let it do its magic. It's the ideal evening cup for unwinding in a matter of minutes.