Loved Chef Bhadouria's Holi Chaat Board? 7 Ways To Style Yours

If you love a big ol’, party-style, charcuterie board, you’ll love Chef Pankaj Bhadouria’s Holi special chaat board. The chef, who won India’s first MasterChef in 2010 curated an elaborate appetiser board for Holi featuring homemade snacks. 

“This Holi, surprise your guests with this special Holi Recipe – a Chaat Board! This Holi Special Chaat Board is much like a cheese board. The Chaat board contains you’re your favourite chaat recipe like the aloo tikki, dates chutney, dahi, green chutney, sweet tamarind chutney, chili garlic chutney, papdi, chatpate aloo, dahi vada, chips and some fresh fruits as well,” the chef wrote on Instagram. 

Besides homemade tikki, bhalle, chhole and dahi vada, the chef also made three homemade chutneys. The best part is if you don’t have time to make everything from scratch, you can curate a mix of homemade snacks and store-bought papdis and dressings. It always helps to feature some micro-greens and fresh-cut veggies on the board, so your guests can make their own chaats. If you’re hosting this Holi and want your own chaat board, bookmark these easy inspirations that can be assembled quickly.

Classic Chaat Extravaganza

The best way to make a last-minute Holi chaat board is with items you can buy at a single store. Start with classics like Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, and Dahi Puri arranged neatly in rows on the board. Include a variety of chutneys such as tamarind, mint coriander, and date tamarind for dipping. Add crispy sev, chopped onions, and fresh cilantro for garnish. Enhance the spread with tangy masala peanuts and crunchy papdi to offer a true taste of Indian street food.

Regional Chaat Showcase

You can also feature the best regional chaat specialities as part of your chaat board. Include Ragda Pattice from Maharashtra, Aloo Tikki from North India, and Aloo Chaat from Delhi. Incorporate unique flavours like the sweet yoghurt-based Dahi Vada from South India or the spicy Chana Chaat from Punjab. You can use fun mini labels to name them and add a pop of colour.

Vegetarian Snack Board

Craft a board entirely dedicated to vegetarian chaat options. Include delights like Samosa Chaat, Corn Chaat, and Raj Kachori. Amp up the protein with protein-packed items like chickpeas, sprouts, and paneer tikka. Don't forget to offer vegan alternatives and gluten-free options and at least one dairy-free chutney to cater to dietary preferences.

Fusion Fiesta

Give traditional chaat a modern twist by infusing international flavours. Experiment with ingredients like avocado, quinoa, and kale to create innovative chaat bowls. Incorporate elements from other cuisines, such as Mexican salsa, Thai peanut sauce, or Japanese furikake, to add a global flair to your board. 

DIY Chaat Bar

Turn your chaat board into an interactive DIY station where guests can customise their chaat creations. Provide a variety of bases like puris, papdis, and crackers, along with an assortment of toppings, chutneys, and sauces. Encourage guests to mix and match ingredients to suit their taste preferences. You’ll need plenty of homemade dressings or artisanal dips and some chopped veggies, so guests can help themselves to a chaat.

Healthy Chaat Options

Offer guilt-free chaat alternatives for health-conscious guests. Replace fried components with baked or air-fried versions for a lighter twist. Incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients like quinoa, kale, and chickpeas to boost the nutritional value of your chaat board. Serve refreshing fruit chaat with a sprinkle of chaat masala; you can keep it ready in a bowl with a glass lid.

Miniature Chaat Buffet

Create an adorable miniature chaat buffet by serving bite-sized versions of popular chaat items. Use shot glasses for individual servings of Pani Puri, miniature cones for Sev Puri, and tiny bowls for Dahi Vada. Arrange them on tiered trays to add visual appeal and make them easily accessible to guests. This miniature setup is perfect for sundowner Holi parties.