The Internet Loves The Coconut Shell Idli; What Is It Exactly?

Who doesn’t love the zesty ghee-podi topping on a hot, steamed idli? A newly viral video takes this classic dish up a notch by serving it in coconut shells! A popular blogger’s page named Oye Hoye India shared a video from Bengaluru’s Shree KC Mess which has multiple outlets across the city. The coconut ghee podi idli is one of their bestsellers at the joint and has also impressed the Internet. The idli is not just served in empty coconut shells but it’s also steamed in coconut shells.

The viral video which has already garnered more than 72K shows the breakfast item being made from scratch. Several coconut shells are first emptied out with the help of a coconut scraper which is usually used to take out the filling of a coconut. These coconut fillings were put aside, possibly to be used in the ghee batter. The coconut shells are then cleaned and a fresh idli batter is poured in these coconut shell which act  as bowls.

These idlis are steamed in these coconut bowls in a large-sized steamer and are then cut into four pieces. They are then topped with hot ghee and generous doses of Milagai podi which is typically made with sesame, mustard, curry leaves and dal. These viral idli bowls are served on a cocconut leaf alongside some coconut chutney. Needless to say, the Internet is obsessed with this dish; the viral coconut podi idli has also grabbed eyeballs on Shree KC Mess’s Instagram page.

“All time favourite… ghee podi idli,” remarked a follower. “Someone start making this in Ahmedabad too,” quipped anothr follower., PLenty of netizens pointed out that this coconut idli is also available in Delhi’s Tirupati Bhavana, which is located at Connaught Place. 

The reason ghee and the zest podi go so well together on steamed items like idli or dosa is because ghee has a unique ability to carry and enhance the flavors of spices. When combined with podi, which typically contains a blend of coriander, cumin, mustard seeds, and curry leaves, ghee helps to unlock and intensify the flavors, making it a more robust and aromatic seasoning.