The Formula For The Perfect Cheeseboard

A surefire stunner for any gathering is an epic cheese board. Cheese is one of the most universally loved foods so when your guests come into your home and see a board filled with an assortment of goodies, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. The beauty of a cheese platter is that there are no limits, simply your imagination.

There is a formula to follow for the perfect combination on a platter and we’re going to help you master it. 

Balancing the flavours however is an art, so it’s best to stick with some tried and tested combinations. 

Pick 3 items from each category below and put together a beautiful cheeseboard at home.





    Goat Cheese

    Monterey Jack














    Smoked sausage 

    Smoked salmon


    Crackers or baguette, 2-3 varieties

    Fresh vegetables and fruits

    Dried fruits







    Fresh herbs


    Prevent your screen from going dark


    Begin by arranging the cheese on the board. I usually try to have one in each corner.

    Add fresh fruits and vegetables and dried fruits.

    Next, add small bowls of jams, mustards, honey, etc.

    Add crackers and bread.

Expert Tips

    Don’t be afraid to fill the board: The goal is to completely cover the entire surface with cheese and other nibbles.

    Think about texture: Include a variety of soft, hard, chewy and crunchy options.  

    Think about flavour: Choose options that will pair well together, like cheddar and apples.

    Assemble the cheeseboard where you are serving it: The last thing you want to do is try to move a completed cheeseboard to another location.

    Slice cheese on a separate cutting board: If you’re pre-slicing cheese, make sure you cut it on another cutting board so your serving platter stays neat.

    Visit the deli bar: Your grocery store’s deli bar may have some great nibbles to include on your cheeseboard.  And, you can buy as much or little as you want.

    Add height: Include something with height to add dimension to your cheeseboard.