Imagine yourself, sitting near the fireplace with a huge mug of spiced cappuccino and good book to your company. Could you ask for anything better? The fragrance of cloves, cinnamon and that little touch of honey in your coffee sounds familiar right.  Be the concentrations of aromas of these spices or their benefits that one gets, spices have always fascinated the culinary world. So much so that in ancient times they were even smuggled. Imagine mixing them in your coffee, the experience gets elevated.  

Most would agree that having a nice cup of coffee is just not about smell and taste but is also about the great pleasure and satisfaction that you get from it. Some of the possible pairing of spices and coffee that happens is with Cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and yes not to miss the iconic vanilla. It's important to tweak the spice level according to your taste, depending on whether you like a strong brew or a light brew.

It’s seen that Coffee with cloves makes you aware of the habits of other cultures, when combined with other spices like

– cardamom and cinnamon will remind you of the Middle Eastern flavor of traditional Arabic coffee

– orange peel and cinnamon, of that of mulled wine/ coffee

– cocoa and cinnamon transports you to Brazil.

A steaming hot beverage is one of the best ways to celebrate winter. Another comforting way to celebrate winters is by enjoying a warm cup of spiced coffee. And here’s two of the classic spiced coffee-based recipes by Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer, Lavazza India.

Spicy Mexican Mocha 

This coffee is the perfect combination of strong, freshly brewed coffee, chocolate, and spices. You’ll love the sweetness of chocolate and spice flavors of cinnamon and cayenne pepper with richness of whipped cream on the top.


    200ml French press Coffee

    pinch of cinnamon

    pinch of cayenne pepper

    200 ml half-and-half (simply a mixture of equal parts whole milk and cream)

    15ml chocolate syrup

    2 sachet demerara

    10ml vanilla syrup

    Cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, optional, garnish


    Add the coffee grounds and cinnamon together while brewing in a french press. 

    While the coffee is brewing, bring the half-and-half, chocolate syrup, and demerara to a gentle simmer in a small saucepan. Make sure to cook on low heat so you don’t burn the mixture. 

    Remove from the heat and add the brewed coffee to the milk mixture. Whisk in the vanilla extract/ flavour. 

    pour the coffee into Mug and top with whipped cream and garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon or chocolate shavings, and add a cinnamon stick, if desired. Enjoy immediately.

Vegan Spicy Pumpkin Cappuccino

Vegan and healthier option for one of the most famed recipes which you should try making at home this winter season. It's a tasty, delicious and very simple recipe to give a festive feeling.


    30ml espresso (also can try Moka pot coffee)

    200ml almond milk

    3 tsp pumpkin puree

    15ml honey

    Nutmeg (pinch of)

    Cinnamon 1 stick 

    Whipped cream 


    In a pan take almond milk, honey, pumpkin purée, cinnamon stick and nutmeg and boil it in medium heat.

    Once milk starts boiling, remove it from the fire and also remove the cinnamon stick. Pour milk mixture into a French press and just push and pull the plunger for 6-8 times to get nice silky and smooth texture foam.

    Take a shot of espresso or Moka pot coffee into a serving mug, pour the milk with foam over espresso. Make sure you get thick layer of milk foam top, if you can’t manage to get it by pouring then just scoop it with a help of spoon

    For garnish, add whipped cream on the top and sprinkle some freshly grated nutmeg.