The Bhel Puri Makeover: 5 Tips For A Healthier Twist
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With its delicious combination of textures and flavours, bhel puri is one of the favourites among Indian food lovers. This well-liked street snack, which was first created on the streets of Mumbai, has won the hearts of people from all social backgrounds. A harmonic symphony of flavours that is challenging to resist is created by the dish's crispy puffed rice, tart chutneys, and diversity of toppings like boiled potatoes, chopped onions, coriander, sev, and more.

Unquestionably popular, bhel puri frequently has a reputation for being more of a sinful indulgence than a healthy one. However, with a few clever adjustments and thoughtful ingredient choices, you can turn this traditional snack into a healthy and filling treat that doesn't sacrifice flavour. These tips can help you make bhel puri a wholesome treat that fulfils both your appetite and your well-being, whether you want to savour the classic flavours or add a healthy touch.

Here's How You Can Elevate The Nutritional Value Of Your Favourite Snack:

Healthier Chutney:

Choosing a homemade version of the sour tamarind chutney that frequently goes with bhel puris instead of the store-bought, refined one will make the chutney healthier. The fresh mint and coriander add to the nutritional value of the chutney. And less processed sweets like jaggery and palm sugar retain more of their natural minerals, such as potassium and iron. This substitution gives the chutney a depth of flavour and natural sweetness in addition to lowering the overall sugar amount.

Add more vegetables:

Bhel puri is traditionally made with a variety of vegetables, such as boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and sev. To make bhel puri healthier, add more vegetables. You can also add other healthy ingredients, such as sprouts, chickpeas, and lentils. Mung beans or lentils get a nutritious boost when they are sprouted before being added to bhel puris.

These legumes' nutrient availability is improved when they sprout, increasing the accessibility of their vitamins and minerals. Sprouts are also a fantastic source of nutritional fibre and plant-based protein. Their delightful crunch and flavourful freshness give the dish an additional dimension of texture and nutrition.

Skip The Unhealthy Toppings:

Bhel puri is often topped with unhealthy ingredients, such as papdi, fried onions, sev, and fried peanuts. To make bhel puri healthier, skip the unhealthy toppings. You can top bhel puri with healthy ingredients such as roasted peanuts, chickpeas, seeds, and nuts.

Nutty Delights:

Roasted nuts, such as almonds, peanuts, or cashews, provide a delicious crunch as well as beneficial fats, proteins, and minerals. The flavours of the nuts are improved, and they become more palatable when they are roasted. These nutrient-dense supplements give you a source of constant energy and help you feel satisfied by promoting a sense of fullness.

Incorporate Fresh Herbs:

Add fresh herbs and greens to your bhel puri to increase its nutritional value, such as mint and cilantro. These herbs not only improve the flavour profile but also provide antioxidants and perhaps beneficial effects on the digestive system. To increase the dish's overall nutritional density, chopped mint or lettuce can also add an infusion of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre.