Our Best Picks For A Blockbuster Breakfast In Pune

Koregoan Park’s leafy streets and charming cafes in other areas make Pune a worthwhile destination for when other cities get overwhelming. Despite being low-key, Pune’s food scene could give Mumbai or Delhi a run for its money. The city has restaurants that serve everything from traditional Maharashtrian food to modern European fare. However, breakfast in Pune takes the cake and there’s a host of restaurants and cafes to choose from. We recommend the five best ones: 

Vohuman Cafe

Established by the late Hormuz Irani in 1978, Vohuman Cafe has gone on to become an iconic Pune institution. It’s a favourite with most people, especially college students, who visit for the Irani chai, bun maska and cheese omelette. The menu is concise and has only a few items, but those are enough to draw people in. The cream plate, which is a combination of fresh cream and sugar, is very popular.