The Best Types Of Kitchen Stand Mixers To Have In 2023
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If you want to add new cookware to the kitchen counter, the stand mixer is the one you must be looking for. Stand mixers make light and airy cake layers, stretchy dough for homemade pizza, shredded chicken, and guacamole. Besides, stand mixers are faster than whisking innumerable times around a bowl. While selecting stand mixers, there are different styles you can choose from. Take a look:

1. Tilt-Head:

In a tilt-head stand mixer, the neck can be lifted so the bowl can be moved or things in it can be accessed easily. When it is hinged back, the head of the stand mixer stands perpendicular to the counter, and the attachment is parallel to the counter. It provides a way to create space and easily access ingredients. It is, however, difficult to maintain if you have low-lying cabinets.


2. Bowl-Lift:

In a bowl-lift stand mixer, the bowl can be raised and lowered as and when necessary. The head remains fixed while the bowl sits on two arms that move up and down to meet it. Bowl-lift stand mixers have a wide base and can easily accommodate large and heavy batches. Professional bakers use this type of stand mixer for large baking projects.

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3. Planetary:

It is the most recommended stand mixer for commercial use. This stand mixer features a stationary bowl that is locked into place while the attachment moves freely around the bowl, spinning on its axis. Either they come in a large version that stands on the ground or in a compact countertop version.


There are certain factors you must consider before making a purchase to ensure you get the best stand mixer for your kitchen needs. Here are a few:

  • Weight:

Before buying a stand mixer, keep in mind its weight, as it is not an easily portable appliance. Besides, a stand mixer should be heavy-duty so it doesn’t slide around when in use. It should be light enough to move around the kitchen.

  • Price:

Regarding the cost of the stand mixers, you should be extremely careful. Consider how frequently you'll use it and for what before making an investment.

  • Attachments:

The best thing about a stand mixer is that you can get a variety of attachments that help in meat grinding, pasta making, ice cream making, and much more. If you don't need as many features, you can reduce it to the dough hook, paddle, and wire whisk.

  • Material:

Last but not least, the material is an important factor to take note of as it is directly related to durability and price. Some mixers are made of coated metal, which is crack-, scratch-, and stain-free, while others are made of plastic, which is lightweight and more affordable.