The Best Indian White Wines

Indian white wine is an emerging favorite among wine lovers around the world. With its delicate and light flavor profile, the beverage is an excellent complement to a variety of dishes, from spicy curries to milder seafood and vegetarian fare. Be it a dry, sweet, or semi-sweet white, domestic vineyards have something for everyone. From Moscato to Chenin Blanc, the best Indian white wines offer complex aromas and flavors that will tantalize the senses. With the right bottle in hand, you can create the perfect pairing with your favorite Indian dishes. Discover the unique characteristics of the best Indian white wines and discover a whole new world of flavor.

There are several vineyards that make white wines in India, and we have curated some of the best bottles across a range of styles and grape varieties that are both easy to source and delectable to taste. Read on to find out more about the many critically acclaimed bottles of blanc that have won the hearts of enthusiasts both in India and around the world. 

 Sula Vineyards Riesling

India’s most popular white never disappoints. Sula’s rendition of the riesling was the first that was grown and bottled on Indian shores, in the company’s vineyard in Nashik, Maharashtra. The wine has bold notes of citrus and apple on the nose, a medium body with a touch of honey on the palate, and a hint of petroleum and earth on the finish. This wine is a steal at Rs. 925* per bottle and goes well with salads and mild Asian dishes like fried rice or spring rolls.

 J'NOON White Fratelli 2018

The next wine on this list comes from the house of Fratelli, based in Alkuj, Maharashtra. This 2018 vintage is a blend of two grapes, namely Chardonnay (60%) and Sauvignon Blanc (40%), and is part of a collaboration with the legendary French vintner Jean-Charles Boisset.

The chardonnay shines through, with notes of apple and pear leading the fray, followed by a wave of oak. The palate is spicy and oaky, with big notes of vanilla and a hint of butter. The wine was one of the top-rated vintages of the year and is a staple at the Hedonism Wine Boutique in London and Disney’s Club 33. This wine is best paired with creamy or mild tomato-based preparations, such as murgh malai tikka or ratatouille. The wine retails at rupees 2500*. 

 Grover Zampa La Réserve Fumé Blanc

This sauvignon blanc is among Grover’s best. The Bangalore-based winery launched the wine as a part of their La Réserve series in 2020, to rave reviews. This wine is well suited to dry palates, owing to the fumé blanc (aged in French oak barrels for 6 months) process it has been subjected to. The wine has a nose of vanilla, which also translates into the palate, along with mild flavors of tropical fruit. The wine is incredibly balanced and has a hearty amount of tannins, making it quite rich for a bottle of this variety. The wine is best paired with mildly flavored dishes, such as baked cod or madeleines. This wine costs Rs. 1150* per bottle.

 Fratelli M/S White

 Yet another delightful offering from Fratelli, this blend of Chardonnay (80%) and Sauvignon Blanc (20%) is sure to please with its well-balanced, fruity palate. The wine is part of the M/S series, a collaboration between Fratelli and two industry legends: the late Steven Spurrier, a British wine expert, and Fratelli’s former in-house taster, the late Piero Masi. The wine was designed to be approachable and have a milder palate. The wine is crisp and well-rounded, with intense notes of fruit—tropical with a hint of citrus—on both the nose and palate. This wine can be paired with a variety of dishes, ranging from galouti kebabs to white sauce pasta. This white wine costs Rs. 1250* per bottle.

 Sula The Source Sauvignon Blanc  

This oak-aged white is part of Sula’s "The Source" series, which centers around sustainable winemaking that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. This is one of Sula’s best whites, garnering heaps of praise from enthusiasts around the globe from the day of its release. The wine is incredibly well balanced and dry, with notes of tropical fruit on both the nose and palate, undercut by hints of citrus. The wine is medium-bodied, with clear notes of oak and vanilla on the palate. It is best paired with baked fish or steamed vegetables. A bottle of The Source costs 1,150 rupees*.

 *All prices are in Mumbai, India.