The Best Dishes From MasterChef India
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Have you ever tuned in to an episode of Masterchef India and found yourself drooling over the beautifully plated and delicious-looking dishes on the screen? We know we have! As avid fans of the show, we've always been fascinated by the wide range of dishes that have been created by the talented amateur chefs that have graced the small screen. From modern twists on classic dishes to traditional Indian flavors, these recipes are a true celebration of the country's diverse and vibrant cuisine. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most memorable dishes that have graced the tables of Masterchef India. So get ready to be inspired and discover some mouthwatering recipes that are sure to impress!

Chocolate Matka Rabdi/Barfeela Gulab

This dish was featured on a MasterClass episode that was held during season 6 of MasterChef India. The MasterClass was helmed by judge Vikas Khanna of Junoon fame, with the aim of creating a restaurant-quality dessert with ubiquitous ingredients such as compound chocolate and chhena. The dessert is complex, with great emphasis on technique, and spread across three elements: the chocolate matka, rabdi mousse, and a frozen chhena puck. The preparation of the dish starts with the chocolate matka, which is made by freezing a thick layer of compound chocolate over semi-spherical molds. The chhena is prepared next by cooking a fistful of the dairy in a large pan with a powdered spice mix. The final element is the rabdi mousse, made by folding rabdi into a portion of whipped cream with the addition of saffron. The dish is plated in a bowl that is made of ice, made by freezing purified water with flowers between two glass bowls. The dessert is assembled by piping the rabdi mousse into the chocolate matka and stacking it on the chhena base. The dish is garnished with sunflower seeds that are carefully placed around the circumference of the chhena puck so as to resemble the sun.

Chicken Besara 

This Odia-inspired preparation was the debut dish served by season 6 winner Abinas Nayak. Besara is a wet masala that is an integral part of Odia cuisine, primarily used as an inclusion for seafood dishes. Nayak’s take on the dish featured a chicken mousse for the base protein, cooked sous vide with the besara stuffed under the skin. The chicken is finished on a pan and served with vegetables and a besara sauce.

Parwal Stuffed with Biryani, served with Assamese Fried Potatoes

This contemporary take on the Awadhi classic was served by season 4 contestant Kushboo Choudhury as part of the first round of auditions for the competition. The dish is simple but highly creative in nature. The plating consists of peeled pointed gourds stuffed with biryani and cooked in a mildly spiced white sauce, served with Axom-style fried potato batons. The smoky flavor of the potato is an excellent complement to the creaminess of the parwal, making for a truly memorable experience.

Gulabi Gulab 

Yet another decadent dessert from the MasterClass stable, from the mind of judge Vineet Bhatia. The chef is said to have created this dish as a tribute to his wife on Valentine's Day, making it the perfect dessert for those of you that are looking to make an impression on your significant other. The dish itself is fairly simple to make, using techniques borrowed from the school of molecular gastronomy. The dessert consists of a deconstructed transparent cheesecake, with rose used as the primary flavorant and included in every component of the dish. The transparent jelly is made by boiling rose petals with sugar, egg whites, and shells (the calcium and albumin help to set the mixture). The cream part of the cheesecake is an ice cream, made by combining whipping cream, rose syrup, and gelatin on low heat, after which it is strained into canoe-shaped molds to set in the freezer. The dish’s assembly starts with the base, a powder made with crumbled digestive biscuits and assorted spices. The mixture is pressed into a rectangular mold, after which it is adorned with mini gulab jamuns and chopped rose petals. The jelly mixture is immediately strained over the base, after which it is allowed to set in the fridge. The dish is plated with a segment of the transparent cake alongside a helping of the gulab ice cream, a two-part garnish of beetroot meringue sticks, and drops of elaichi lassi on the plate.

Kari Pattha Shaptha 

This dessert was served by Oindrila Bala in the sixth season of the show. The dish features the use of curry leaves in nearly every element for flavor, from the crepes themselves to the tuile used for the garnish. The dessert itself consists of multiple crepes stacked between layers of curry leaf filling and topped with small drops of coconut-based whipped cream piped through a star nozzle and a curry leaf-flavored tuile. This dish makes for an interesting end to any Indian meal, with a curry leaf gimlet to boot.

Dhak India Cake

This preparation was Aakash Sonkar’s dish of choice for his audition in the show’s sixth season. The dish's goal was to present flavors that were reminiscent of both north and south India, but with an Italian twist, culminating in a savory vegetarian layer cake that consisted of multiple patties made using dairy products such as milk and cheese, topped with a beetroot sauce. This preparation is an interesting way to explore fusion cuisine with minimal effort while also making for a great weekday dinner.

Malai Prawns 

Yet another stellar dish from season 6, this time from the mind of Nandini Diwakar. The dish is an amuse bouche, consisting of prawns cooked in a spicy, flavorful sauce made with cream, coconut milk, and a blend of aromatic spices such as turmeric, cumin, and coriander. The dish is served with a small triangle of lavash and garnished with sesame seeds, making for a delectable one-bite dish that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Palak Cake and Peanut Caramel

This dish was prepared by Ruhi Choudhary on the fifth installment of the show. The dessert was made to highlight two ubiquitous Indian ingredients: spinach and peanuts. The sweetness and subtle floral undertones of the spinach cakes pair beautifully with the peanut caramel in a near-perfect blend of Indian flavors. This dish is the perfect end to a meal that centers around contemporary Indian cuisine, served with a mug of Bailey’s.