The 15 Best Writer/Work-Friendly Cafes In Kolkata
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Sometimes the four walls of the office can get boring. If your ambiance is perfect, you can try out hours of hard work. To enhance your working spirit, several cities are coming up with work-friendly cafes which will not only aid to to work smoothly but also serve you yummy food and drinks. 

Kolkata is a place where cafes are in abundance. While coping with the pacing new generation and workaholics, the city has planned several cafes that help you to carry out your work while keeping your tummy full with delicious foods and drinks.

Check out the 15 best work-friendly cafes in Kolkata: 

1.    Blue Tokai Roasters

Blue Tokai Roasters is a popular choice for those who seek a break from their everyday work life and seek to enjoy the extravagance of rare coffee blends. It has branches located in Ballygunge, Lake Market, Alipore and Park Street, and is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, a range of grab-and-go cold brew cans, a few books to read and a cozy outdoor sitting space. Additionally, one should not miss out on the delicious breakfast menu offered by them.  

USP dish: Sourdough Sandwich with Ham and cheese

Address: Plot 20, Bon Villa, Jatin Bagchi Road, Southern Avenue

Price For Two: Rs. 950

Timing: 8 Am to 10 Pm

2.    Fabcafe

Fab cafe located on Loudon Street is the perfect spot for someone who wants to work solo in a tranquil atmosphere. The stylish, nature-themed decor features great seating by the window and some soothing murals painted on the walls. The menu consists of healthy low-carb items made with the finest ingredients, as well as vegan and gluten-free options.This Place Is Known for Pancakes, Chocolate Cake, Salad, Momos, and Coffee. 

USP dish: Pancakes

Address: 7, 1st Floor, Dr Brahmachari Street, Loudon Street Area

Price For Two: Rs. 450

Timing: 10 Am to 10 Pm

3.    Manjushree’s Tea Place

Manjushree's Tea Place is a secret spot situated in Southern Avenue that is ideal for tea lovers who need consistent access to Darjeeling first flush in order to be productive. It is located in a peaceful area, allowing people to stay for extended periods of time while working or interacting with others. There are yummy snacks available, an extensive list of teas, and a great selection of vegetarian options. Come here to work and eat dishes like Chicken Grilled Sandwich, Darjeeling Tea, Tiramisu, Club Sandwich, Cookies, Spaghetti

USP dish: Club Sandwich

Location: 256, Purna Das Road, Near Dakatia Kali Bari, Hindustan Park

Price For Two: Rs. 500

Timing: 11 Am to 8 Pm

4.    Artsy

Artsy - Coffee & Culture is loved by those who work from home because of the pleasant atmosphere. It offers many different seating options, a great selection of books, and individual areas for people to work in solitude. Additionally, guests can enjoy their signature Oolong Rose tea. To top it off, they offer a loyalty card where customers can get access to special perks.Mushroom Pate, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Fluffy Omelette, Continental Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Cappuccino

USP dish: Continental breakfast

Location: Ground Floor, 230/B, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Minto Park, Bhowanipore

Price For Two: Rs. 1,200

Timing: 8 Am to 10:30 Pm

5.    The Daily 

The Daily is the perfect place to go between noon and 4 PM when the sun is beaming through its glass walls. You can either relax in the outdoor seating area, which is surrounded by lush vertical gardens, or opt for a more private workstation. The cafe and bistro offers an extensive range of all-day dishes, including unique drinks and snacks, plus they have an exceptional bagel with lox. Some recommended items are Truffle Pasta, Beef Chili, Vietnamese Coffee, Grilled Chicken Steak, Pesto Pasta, and Quesadilla.

USP dish: Grilled Chicken Steak

Address: 5, Satyen Dutta Road, Desapriya Park

Price For Two: Rs. 1,100

Timing: 9 Am to 10 Pm

6.    La Macario Cafe

La Macario Cafe, located on Wood Street, is an ideal spot for people who are looking to spend time working for a prolonged period. This vegetarian cafe is not only roomy but also has a private area for seating. Recently, the cafe has included new additions to its menu, including a variety of salads, gourmet pasta and dishes that are suitable for two people to share.

USP dish: Gourmet Pasta

Address: 1st Floor, 10, Dr.Martin Luther King Sarani, Wood Street, Theatre Road

Price For Two: Rs. 1,300

Timing: 11:30 Am to 10:30 Pm

7.    Cha Bar 

If you're looking for a spot to work from a cafe that won't break the bank, Cha Bar on Park Street (located above Oxford Bookstore) offers an ideal solution. It has plenty of great drinks and cozy corners where you can stay for hours with your laptop. Moreover, it has a selection of munchies and the entire book store is just downstairs if you want to take a quick break. Some must-try options are Walnut Cake, Jasmine Tea, Fish and Chips, Quiche, Chocolate Truffle, and Hot Coffee.

USP dish: Chocolate Truffle

Address: 17, Oxford Book Store, Park Street Area

Price For Two: Rs. 850

Timing: 11 Am to 8 Pm

8.    Sienna Store & Cafe

When it comes to selecting productive places to work, Sienna Store & Cafe offers many options. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, a welcoming atmosphere, an extensive all-day menu with satisfying options like bowls and special seasonal items, as well as Kombucha. Furthermore, visitors can even take a break for some light retail shopping within the store.Some recommended dishes to have here are- Avocado Salad, Salted Caramel Shake, Pesto Spaghetti, Tuna Sandwich, Walnut Cake, Mocha

USP dish: Pesto Spaghetti 

Address: 49/1, Hindustan Park

Price For Two: Rs. 1,200

Timing: 12:30 Pm to 9:30 Pm

9.    Motherland Studio & Cafe

Motherland Studio & Cafe is a multi-design all-day workspace/cafe which makes co-working much simpler. This space offers monthly plans and private cabins to those who frequent the cafe, as well as individual desks and two-person tables. On top of this, customers can enjoy probiotic kombuchas brewed in-house, handmade pasta, nourishing salads, and a variety of foreign breads.

USP dish: Kombuchas

Address: A/3, Chowranghee Mansion, KYD Street, Near GK Sports, Chowringhee

Price For Two: Rs. 1,700

Timing: 8 Am to 9:30 Pm

10.    Bakery -The Lalit Great Eastern's Bakery

The Lalit Great Eastern's Bakery was set up in 1830 by Sir David Wilson to deliver the English upper classes a taste of their homeland while they were in India as part of the East India Company. Even after its rebirth, some brilliant British desserts and high tea options have stayed on the menu. Located in the middle of the city, the Bakery still provides some much-needed privacy. Its intriguing decor and views from the windows make it a truly remarkable place. This place is known for itsEnglish breakfast, pastries, brownies, juice, cakes, and breads. 

USP dish: English Breakfast

Address: 1 - 3, Old Court House Street, Dalhousie Square, Esplanade

Price For Two: Rs. 2,000

Timing: 8 Am to 8 Pm

11. Abar Baithak


Abar Baithak is an all-in-one cafe where you can not only work or write peacefully but also read a lot of books as this eatery provides a good collection of books. Here, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor seating in a very cozy, warm and fresh environment. The thing which makes Abar Baithak unique from others is that even if you visit here alone, you won't feel lonely. If we talk about its food then you must try their All-Chicken Platter and Fish Fingers once and thank us later for suggesting.  

USP Dish: Brownie with Hot Chocolate and Ice Cream, Chicken Sandwich 

Address: 282, Jodhpur Park Rd, Selimpur, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700068. 

Price For Two: Rs. 1000 

Timing: 10 am–10 pm 

12. 8th Day Café & Bakery

Like its name, 8th Day Cafe and Bakery is a very unique eatery which is located in Elgin. This chilled out place is made for people who are looking for a compact yet cozy cafe which serves finely brewed coffee. Inspired by the colonial era, this place offers numerous types of aromatic coffees along with luscious bakery items such as Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Cupcakes and many more. Here, you can visit either with friends or alone to get your work done.  

USP Dish: Chicken Caesar Salad, Apple Pie 

Address: Arcadia, 6, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700017. 

Price For Two: Rs. 550 

Timing: 9 am–9 pm 

13. Pancham Er Adday

Indeed, this place comes under the list of one of the most work-friendly cafes in Kolkata but there is something more which you need to know about this cafe before visiting. This place is nothing but a tribute to the legendary Bollywood music director, Shri R. D. Burman aka Pancham Da. Here, the interior is inspired by his music studio and the comfortable seating area with cushions will make it hard for you to leave. Now moving to its food servings, you should try their best-selling BBQ Chicken Pizza and Mango Margarita. 

USP Dish: Chicken Caesar Salad, Apple Pie 

Address: Arcadia, 6, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700017. 

Price For Two: Rs. 550 

Timing: 9 am–9 pm 

14. Blue Mug Cafe

Blue Mug Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Kolkata. Neither so crowded nor so secluded, this place is perfect to come with your colleagues or classmates and discuss your work and spend some quality time. If we talk about its ambience, then this place is well lit with blue hues and even the outdoor seating cannot let you forget that you are in 'Blue' Mug Cafe. They are also known for their delicious Oreo Shake and Chicken Club Sandwich. 

USP Dish: Chicken Lasagna, Blue Lagoon Drink 

Address: 1, 121, Jodhpur Park Rd, near South City, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700068. 

Price For Two: Rs. 700 

Timing: 12pm – 9:45 pm 

15. Bunaphile

Located in Hindustan Park, Bunaphile is a great choice for those writers who want a place which can diminish their creativity block. Decorated with many green creepers and classic white furniture, this premium eatery makes you think beyond your imagination. If you still feel that its beauty is not enough, then you should order some food and mind it when we say that the plating of dishes can blow your mind. Here, you can try their most loved Bunaphile Special Breakfast Platter and Brownie with Ice Cream.  

USP Dish: Caffe Latte, Peri Peri Chicken Balls  

Address: 72, opposite Saha Textile, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029 

Price For Two: Rs. 500 

Timing: 7 am–11 pm