The 15 Best Biryani Places In Kozhikode
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Kozhikode is one of the oldest Indian city ports, dating back to medieval times. There are foreign influences from the Persians, Arabs, Chinese, and finally the Europeans—all traders who landed at this medieval port city to trade in spices. Its strategic location on the Malabar Coast, as the Kerala coastline was once called, also made it the Spice Hub of India. Kozhikode is the coastal paradise that brought Vasco da Gama to the shores of India and remains an enigmatic attraction to this day.

The legendary Kappad Beach, near Kozhikode, is where the Portuguese explorer landed in 1498. Kozhikode Beach is overlooked by the Thikkodi lighthouse and the Velliyamkallu rock, and with surrounding coconut and palm plantations, it is home to seasonal winter migratory birds. The bewitching natural ambience, coupled with a breathtaking view of the sunset, has made it a must-visit destination. Inland, the tree-lined Mananchira square, with its musical fountain, encompasses the massive Mananchira Tank, an artificial pond.

Kozhikode is also known as Calicut, having derived this name from the woven all-cotton fabric, calico, dating back to the 11th century. Even today, the majestic and unique prints of calico are used in fine garments, wall hangings, and bedcovers.

In Kozhikode, there is a beautiful balance between the people and the environment, much like the balance between land and ocean, and the city's many beautiful spots make it hard to stay away. In 2012, Kozhikode was named Shilpa Nagaram, or "city of sculptures."

The cherry on top here would be the opportunity to rendezvous with dolphins while relaxing to a sunrise-sunset backdrop next to the Dolphin’s Point lighthouse—and all the while enjoying a delicious, freshly prepared, steaming, flavorful platter of our choice. This coastal town is known for its extensive variety of cuisines, offering mouth-watering food served by the beach, in cozy shacks, or on luxurious hotel verandas. Some people may be surprised by how many biryani places there are in this city. For foodies and people who want to travel, this is a sign that they should come here.

In today’s world of food delivery, biryani has been reported as the top item of dishes ordered for the seventh time running. In 2022, a record 137 orders for biryani were placed across India every minute. The traditional biryani of today encompasses varieties of rice, spices, and meat. It is a phenomenon: poetry and emotion, an event in its own right, a way to win new friends, fix relationships, or even be one’s therapist! It can be rightfully classified as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are Malabar, Arabian, Handi, Mughlai, Dum, and Hyderabadi varieties, as with vegetarian offshoots!

So, starting from the shoreline, here’s the sketch of 15 best biryani  places in Kozhikode worth the visit: 

1. Kuttichira Biryani Center

This is a beach-side point and is located in the vicinity of Mishkal Mosque. The menu is very popular, and bestsellers include the chicken and beef biryanis, which will leave you asking for seconds! This is the classic urban Indian biryani done right, from the mild-ish spices to the aroma.

USP Dish: Chicken Biryani

Address: Gujarati Street, Kuttichira, Kozhikode

Timing: 11:30 am – 5 pm 

Price for two: INR 900

2. Al Karama Biriyani Center

This cozy spot is a casual dining locale known for its "value for money" food. Don't let the unassuming location or interiors fool you; this restaurant serves very good "biriyani." They’re well-known locally for their fish, beef, and chicken biryani in Kozhikode, which cost around INR 90 each.  

USP Dish: Chicken Biryani

Address: Kuthiravattom, Kozhikode

Timing: 11:00 am – 3 pm Monday through Saturday; closed on Sundays.  

Price for two: INR 800

3. Ikku Bhai’s Restaurant

This is located along the coast. Although not strictly a biriyani haunt, those willing to try are guaranteed a treat for their taste buds. Clear favorites include the pepper and peri-peri Alfam mandi (manthi or mandhi), beef, and chicken mandi. With positive reviews on good service, a cool atmosphere, and value for money, it is no wonder that the staff are always busy!

USP Dish: Alfam Mandi

Address: Silk Street, Beach Road, Kozhikode

Timing: 11.00 am – 12.00am  

Price for two: INR 600

4. Arabian Majlis

Those searching for an outdoor dining experience should head to Arabian Majlis to enjoy the delicious Hyderabadi biryani, chicken mandi rice, and various meat platters.

USP Dish: Peri Peri Chicken 

Address: Near the old Kozhikode Corporation Office, Silk Street, Kozhikode

Timing: 12am-12am (open 24 hours)

Price for two: INR 800

5. Topform Restaurant 

One of the oldest biryani haunts situated in the center of the city, close to the KSRTC bus stand, Top Form is a busy and classic go-to joint. Spread across multiple floors with ample parking space, the restaurant has a lively atmosphere. The chicken, fish, and beef biryanis are popular with regulars, costing between 120 and 300 INR.

USP Dish: Kanthari Chicken, Fish Pollichath 

Address: Ground & 1st Floor Golden Plaza Building, Mavoor Rd, Opp KSRTC, Kozhikode 

Timing: 8.00 am – 2.00 am  

Price for two: INR 600

6. Rahmath Hotel 

Rahmath Hotel is acclaimed for its regular biryanis as well as its special Malabar, which is a crowd favorite for its rich and unique flavors. This two-story store is easy to get to and has parking for people who want to grab a meal on the go.

USP Dish: Malabar Biriyani

Address: Aravind Ghosh Road, near Mathrubhumi Office, Mananchira, Kozhikode

Timing: 8:30 am – 12am 

Price for two: INR 700

7. Ruqees Mughal Biryani Darbar

This is a quick selling point located near the Calicut Second Railway Gate that is nearly always packed and sold out by the end of the evening. Favorite items include Ambur chicken biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, and Mughlai biriyani, priced between 120 and 200 INR.

USP Dish: Ambur chicken biryani

Address: Second Gate Junction, Mananchira, Kozhikode

Timing: 11.00 am – 10.30pm; closed on Mondays.  

Price for two: INR 500

8. Hussain’s Biryani Center

a low-budget spot serving some unique varieties, including Kalyana biriyani and fried chicken biryani. The home-made touch is a big draw amongst locals and travelers alike! An added bonus is the unlimited serving of rice, provided you reach it before the stock runs out. You may have to ask around to find the place, but it’s well worth your time to locate this gem.

USP Dish: Kalyani Biriyani

Address: Tali, Palayam, Kozhikode

Timing: 11:00 am – 3 pm 

Cost of a meal for two: INR 500

9. The Canali Restaurant

A charming river-side restaurant, Canali has a picturesque and relaxed setting that’s well suited for a fine dining experience. It is known for having a wide range of food, including Italian, Arabic, Chinese, and Indian. Seafood and biryani are two of the most popular choices.

USP Dish: Fried Fish (Karimeen)

Address: Kallampara, Bridge Near Mannur valavu, Perumugham, Kozhikode 

Timing: 11.00 am – 11pm 

Price for two: INR 2000  

10. M-Grill 

Located at the food court in Focus Mall, opposite the Moffusil bus stop, this open-kitchen view restaurant has an upbeat and comfortable setting. It serves Indian and international cuisines and has an extensive menu that can leave you reeling from the ocean of choices. However, the chicken biryani is a staple choice for many.

USP Dish: Fish Mango Curry 

Address: Focus Mall, Rajaji Road, opposite Moffusil Bus Stop, Kozhikode

Timing: 11.00 am – 10.45pm 

Price for two: INR 600

11. Zam Zam Restaurant


In Kozhikode, Zam Zam Restaurant is a very well-known eatery, which serves one of its kind North Indian and Arabian dishes. If you are looking for a plate full of spicy biryani then this place can help you in the yummiest way possible. Apart from biryani, their Tandoori Chicken and Grilled Chicken are two of the most loved dishes from their long menu. The ambience here is very classic and bright at the same time. With a moderate seating area, they are ready to welcome you with your friends and loved ones.  

USP Dish: Chicken Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala 

Address: 7Q4F+HJ8, Red Cross Rd, opp. Tagore Hall, Moonalungal, Vellayil, Kozhikode, Kerala- 673032 

Timing: 7 am–11 pm 

Price for two: INR 400 

12. Salkara

If your train has stopped at Kozhikode station and you are craving biryani then don't worry, Salkara has got you covered. This Malabari and Mughlai cuisine eatery is a one-stop destination for biryani lovers. Apart from that, they also offer many luscious dishes like egg curry parotta, Appam and Idiyappam. The ambience here is very casual and happening, with comfortable seats and tables. 

USP Dish: Veg Biryani, Chicken Curry  

Address: Railway Station, Railway Station Road, Platform 1, Kozhikode, Kerala- 673001. 

Timing: 5 am–11 pm 

Price for two: Rs. 400 

13. Gazania Mezban Restaurant

As the name suggests, Gazania Mezban Restaurant is a 'mezban' or host in true sense. If you are looking for a luxurious eatery for a family gathering in Kozhikode then this place can be your go-to companion. If we talk about its food then their buffet will amaze you as they will provide you with a large variety of savouries and desserts which include Hyderabadi Chicken 65, Hot Honey Paneer, Caramel Custard and much more.  

USP Dish: Pot Biryani, Tikka Biryani  

Address: ground Asma Tower, Mavoor Rd, Arayidathupalam, Kozhikode, Kerala- 673004. 

Timing: 7:30 am–11 pm 

Price for two: Rs. 1500 

14. Zain's Hotel

Indeed, the biryani at Zain's Hotel is delicious but their snacks can be a very strong reason for your multiple visits there. Located on Convent Cross Road, this classy eatery provides you with numerous Malabari dishes like Erachi Pathiri,  Pazham Nirachathu, Kozhi Nirachath and many more. If we solely talk about its biryani range, then you can find a variety here, but Fish Biryani is their bestselling one. The ambience here is quiet and classy and also it has a decent seating area.  

USP Dish: Meat Pathiri, Mutton Biryani  

Address: 7Q3F+RG6, Convent Cross Road Behind Fire Station, Kerala- 673032. 

Timing: 12:30 – 11 pm 

Price for two: Rs. 500 


If you want to experience authentic and traditional flavours of biryani at a place which is solely known for the biryani only then Jeff Biryani can be your destination. This decades old eatery has flavours from Yemen, which can make you lick your flavours. Apart from biryani, they also have Jeff Afghani Chicken and Honey Cheesecake as their one of the most loved dishes. The atmosphere here is very hygienic and clean and the staff is very friendly.  

USP Dish: Apricot Mutton Biryani, Jeff Afghani Chicken 

Address: Red Cross Rd, near Tagore Hall, Mananchira, Kozhikode, Kerala- 673032. 

Timing: 12–10 pm 

Price for two: Rs. 400 

It comes as no surprise that there are several restaurants warranting a fight for a place here, what with over 2000 eateries in Kozhikode being registered on various online platforms. The honorable mentions include Mammali’s, Zain Biryani Lounge, Biryani Club, Calicut Karachi Durbar Beach, Cape Comorin, The Grillax, and Le Arabia Restaurant. For people who love a good biryani, the chance to sample the variety at some of the best eateries and restaurants is an opportunity that should never be passed up. And you won’t go wrong with any of the 15 Kozhikode "biriyani" joints mentioned here.