Tejasswi Prakash Indulges In Fish N Chips, Hot Dog & More In London

Indulging while on holiday is something that our celebrities do not back down from – given their strict diet and fitness regimens that leave them with little opportunity for cheat meals. Latest to join the bandwagon is actress Tejasswi Prakash – who has been busy eating her way through various parts of London. Creating a perfect balance of hearty meals as well as British classics, she posted snapshots from her meals at two different spots in the city. In one of the photographs that she posted, Tejasswi was seen relishing a portion of fish n chips – which was served with some mushy peas and a tartar sauce on the side.

A second plate on the same table showed a loaded hot dog which was topped with a drizzle of barbecue sauce, fried onions and jalapeno slices – and a side of sweet potato fries. The actress also went on to post a glimpse from another meal which consisted of roast chicken served with fries, and a burrito that was accompanied by a bowl of seasoned rice. This meal, which she indulged at The 100 Club on Oxford Street was also washed down with pints of beer. Typically known to follow a clean eating routine that consists of four glasses of warm water, boiled eggs and fruit for breakfast, the Bigg Boss 15 winner also includes cereals or oatmeal to start her day.

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Keeping lunch a fairly simpler affair with lentils, vegetables and salad, Tejasswi replicates the same for dinner – and consciously eliminates carbohydrates like rice; preferring to eat rotis instead. Her post-workout beverage of choice is a cup of bullet coffee which she fortifies with a spoonful of coconut oil. What is your favourite holiday destination to binge on the best food? Tell us in the comments.