From Tart To Donut: Here Are Some Videshi Desserts To Try At Home
Image Credit: Videshi Desserts At Home

A portion of comfort food, a tub of ice cream or a classic doughnut is relished by people of all ages. Apart from the usual flavours of chocolate and vanilla, chefs are now experimenting with flavours that can cater to peoples’ palates. Executive Chef Ravish Mishra from The Westin Goa and Chef Ho Chi Ming from The Westin Pune recently launched artisanal coffee caramel tart and classic glazed doughnut.

Coffee caramel tart, Mocha Ice cream – Ravish Mishra, Executive Chef, The Westin Goa


Serving for:- 10

  • 300 Gm Unsalted butter                                  
  • 64 Gm Almond powder 
  • 400 Gm Refined flour       
  • 100 Gm Cocoa powder
  • 50 Gm Coffee powder 
  • 200 Gm Icing sugar           
  • 80 Gm Eggs                      
  • 100 Gm Dark Chocolate  
  • 100 Gm Fresh Cream                       
  • 100 Ml Espresso              
  • 100 Gm Fresh Cream        
  • 130 Gm Dark chocolate    
  • 935 Gm Castor sugar        
  • 525 Gm Water    
  • 280 Gm Cocoa powder       
  • 300 Gm Cooking cream    
  • 52 Gm Gelatine leaves                  
  • 200 Gm Grain Sugar         
  • 300 Gm Butter   
  • 450 Gm Flour


For Tart

  1. Cream butter and icing sugar together. 
  2. Add eggs little by little.
  3. Add the rest of the dry ingredients. Mix well. Rest the dough in the refrigerator. Line the tart shell and bake at 180 deg C for 15 mins.

For Coffee Ganache

  1. Boil fresh cream. 
  2. Pour that cream into dark chocolate. Add Espresso 
  3. Blend it properly.

For Glaze

  1. Cook cream, castor sugar and water together. Add cocoa powder, cook thoroughly. 
  2. Add chocolate, add gelatine leaves. Rest overnight.


  1. In the tart shell, first put coffee ganache and level evenly. Next, cool it in the refrigerator. 
  2. Once chilled, glaze with chocolate glaze. 
  3. Serve with Mocha ice cream.

Classic Glazed Doughnut By Chef Ho Chi Ming, Chef de Cuisine, The Westin Pune

  1. Prep. Time – 10 minutes 
  2. Cooking time – 1 hour 15minutes
  3. Serving – 4 portion

Ingredients Qty Units

  • T55 Flour 500 grams
  • Salt 10 grams
  • Bread improver 5 grams
  • Sugar 75 grams
  • Milk full cream 125 Milliliter
  • Water 125 Milliliter
  • Whole eggs 85 grams
  • Butter 125 grams
  • Dry instant yeast 16 grams


  1. Take a clean mixing bowl with a paddle.
  2. Mix the ingredients at low speed for 8 minutes (except the butter).
  3. Then add the soft butter and mix for another 10 minutes to smooth and develop gluten.
  4. Dust the flour in a clean small bowl.
  5. Shift the mixture to a pan and let it rest for an hour.
  6. Roll out the dough at 5 mm, use a round cutter4 inches diameter, keep on a clean tray and let it rise in the proofer for 1 hour at 27ºC.
  7. Heat your oil at 165ºC and fry the doughnuts for 1 minute from each side

Final presentation:

  1. The ready doughnut can be made in different variations.
  2. Dipped in the tempered chocolate (Dark or White) along with the garnish shown in the pictures.