Tara Sutaria Makes Nigella Lawson’s Crunchy Lamb Chops At Home
Image Credit: Tara Sutaria/Instagram. Was she successful in her cooking stint?

Apart from acting, Tara Sutaria has proven time and again that she’s great at other things too. Take cooking, for instance. While most of her Instagram stories are full of the delicious treats that she nibbles through the day, it is her cooking adventures that we enjoy the most and her latest creation is definitely proof that she’s a chef in the making.

Recently, Tara took to social media to share a couple of pictures that showed what she made in her kitchen with her friend, @vishalhanda. It was all things crunchy and meaty on her plate last night, as she gave a celebrity chef’s recipe a shot. She tried Nigella Lawson’s crunchy parmesan lamb chops. Nigella is a food writer and television cook, who is well-known for her stints in the kitchen on and off screen. The interesting bit is that she might not be a trained chef but her passion for food and cooking has made her an iconic personality in the field.  

Tara decided to make her popular lamb chops and they looked absolutely delicious. The lamb chops were coated with bread crumbs and filled with parmesan cheese, and we wondered what it would taste like when one bites into it. Tara prepared these crunchy delights with her friend and paired them with a side of “truffle mash and asparagus”. She mentioned all these details in her caption.

In the next story, she also added how this is her new favourite meat to cook. She described, “It tastes like a warm hug”, and loves her new creation. However, it was just this interesting dish that she tried the previous night. Tara also made a Venetian recipe that she had watched on a food show that she “adores”. The dish was a combination of “deep-fried, beaten pork chops soaked in white vinegar” and well, they looked delish too. Seems like Tara has too much crunch on her plate to munch so we’d leave her to that. Meanwhile, you can try this lamb chop recipe at home if you like.