Best 5 Tandoori Recipes To Try At Home
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Indian cuisine has gone through many variations, and everyone certainly appreciates it for its rich spices and flavorful authenticity. And Tandoori dishes is one of them. What makes this different is the dish's simplicity; the marinated food, which is cooked over an intense fire in a tandoor, gives you flavours bursting with various Indian spices. According to history, Tandoor comes from the Indus valley and Harappan civilizations of ancient India, dating back to 5000 years ago (wow!). However, the modern Tandoor was brought to India by the Mughals. But since everyone doesn’t have tandoors at their disposal, we have got you the magic of those smoky flavours that you can easily enjoy within the comfort of your own home.

So, without much ado, let’s look at 5 quick Tandoori recipes.

Tandoori Paneer

Paneer is already adored by every Indian and is often looked at as the alternative to chicken for its texture, making it the perfect Tandoori recipe. Take Paneer, cut them into cubes, and then marinate it with ginger paste, garlic paste, curd, chicken masala, and kasoori methi. Then put oil in a roti tawa and heat it over low flame, placing the marinated paneer on the tawa. Make sure to flip the paneer alternatively from all sides so it can be grilled perfectly.

Tandoori Aloo

This recipe is simply a lip-smacking dish as the softness of the potato makes it delicious to eat. To prepare this recipe, we need baby potatoes marinated in spices like red chilli paste, cumin seeds powder with fresh cream, and then microwaved for 2 minutes. Find the entire recipe here!

Chicken Tikka

Chicken recipes can easily satiate your hunger and taste buds without any doubt. And this recipe will surely do the same for you; this mouth-watering dish is marinated with hung yoghurt, garlic paste, green chillies and lime juice which is then heated in oil in low heat flame in a non-stick pan until it becomes thoroughly grilled from all sides.

Tandoori Chicken Burger

This tandoori chicken burger recipe is a crowd-pleaser for its tangy and yummy flavours. It is made with chicken breasts marinated in yoghurt, tandoori masala and garlic-ginger paste with a seasoning of salt and pepper. Then it is heated in oil in a nonstick pan over medium flame until it is cooked through and golden. After this, take the bun slices, then spread tomato sauce on the flat surface, placing the tandoori chicken on top with sliced onions. And voila! Your scrumptious dish is ready.

Tandoori Fruit Chaat

This recipe is precisely the same as what it sounds like. And it is indeed easy; all you need to do is marinate fruits like pineapple, green apple, pear with sweet potato and green capsicum in vinegar, anardana, chaat masala, roasted cumin, and Kashmiri Mirch powder. Then put this ensemble in a skewer and roast in Tawa with ghee for a couple of minutes until it becomes crispy.

Try these quick and easy tandoori recipes at home. And make your day better with these delightful recipes.