Tandoori Kulhad Chai In Delhi-NCR: Best Places To Check Out
Image Credit: Tandoori Kulhad Chai

You must have sipped green tea, ginger tea or cardamom tea, but have you tried tandoori tea yet? Been going viral in the market for a long time now; there are many places where you will find this delicious tandoori tea. So if you are a tea lover residing in Delhi, let us tell you where you can get the best tandoori tea.

Tandoori Chai Tapri (NCR)

Whether it is chai, chicken or roti, north Indians like everything tandoori. After capturing Delhi by storm, the special tandoori tea has made its way to NCR. Now you can find Tandoori Chai Tapri in Faridabad as well. This chai is wooing everyone with its solid tandoori flavour. While drinking it, you will forget everything in the clayey and smoky fragrance. 

Location: IMT Chowk, Sector 69, Bypass Road, Faridabad 

Mister Chai (Central Delhi)

It's time to sip the marvellous tandoori tea in a rich ambience. Located at Shangri-La’s - Eros Hotel, Mister Chai has the elements of a tea store displayed with a contemporary touch. This place serves excellent tandoori tea at a reasonable price. Mister Chai’s interiors give the perfect vibe for visitants to enjoy and relax the offered treats. 

Location: 19, Ashoka Road, Shangri-La’s - Eros Hotel, Delhi 

Alpha's Tandoori Chai (North Delhi)

Tandoori Chai! You will feel like drinking this tea as soon as you hear this name, although you will also be thrilled to watch it being made in front of you. This is because the method of preparing tandoori tea is quite different.  

Location: Shop No. 6, Near Batra Cinema, Commercial Complex, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi 

These are some of the classic points in Delhi to have tandoori chai. So begin your day with a classic combination of sandwich, parantha, bun maska or cookies and tandoori tea at these Delhi spots.