Summer is here and as the temperature starts soaring, all we are looking for are ways to cool down. And Tamannaah Bhatia is no different. The actor has indeed found the best way to beat the summer heat and it is nowhere else but on the magical beaches of the Maldives. The archipelagic country has been quite a hotspot for Indians, especially for our Bollywood brigade for some time now. The pristine white beaches, refreshing cold waves and gastronomical indulgences make it a must-visit country for many of us. And it seems like Tamannaah is having it all. Don’t believe us? Her Instagram post and stories are proof! She was recently spotted in the Maldives enjoying her time on the beachside with loads of sweet treats and desserts accompanying her.  

The actor has put up many posts and Instagram stories giving us a sneak-peek into her vacation and it got the dessert-lover in us craving. While in one of her earlier posts, the Baahubali' star was seen riding a bicycle with an ice cream trunk, in her Instagram stories she was drooling over chocolates! Take a look at her post while goofing around with the ice cream trunk:


The actor then posted an Instagram story with a chocolate display that is no less than a paradise for all chocolate lovers. In her Instagram stories, Tamannaah shares what 'chocolate hour' in Maldives looks like. From cake pops and cookies to chocolate bars, and all things chocolatey under the sun, the visuals have made us crave some too. 

As if that much chocolate wasn't enough already; the actor’s late-night dessert is sure to make you jealous. While relaxing near the pool at night, Tamannaah signed off for the day with an exotic-looking dessert in front of her. It looked close to a fusion ice cream dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream placed on a layer of berries, and topped with other sugary treats. Take a look at it here: 


Doesn’t it look stunning? Tamannaah has surely made us all crave sugar for sure! Want to have an ice cream dessert, already? We’ve got you covered with one right here.  

It isn’t just Tamannaah who is gracing the islands of Maldives in recent times. The country also saw Alia Bhatt turn 29, as she celebrated her birthday with her family in the islands of Maldives. Alia too took to Instagram to share some fun moments with her followers from her trip.