Tamannaah Bhatia Reveals Her Cheat Meal, It's Sweet Potato Chaat

Amid the gym sessions and strict diets, Bollywood celebrities never miss posting about their cheat days. From relishing hearty meals to gulping street foods, the film stars can often be spotted drooling over their favourite delicacies. But is it necessary for the cheat meals to be loaded with fats and carbs? Not really.  

Recently, Tamannaah Bhatia shared her cheat meal with the fans that included healthy ingredients with a flavourful twist. Known for her amazing work in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil cinema, the 34-year-old actress often expresses her love for comforting Indian foods. A few months back, in an AMA session, she revealed that khichdi, sabzi and pickle is her go-to meal combo. 

In the recent reel Tamannaah uploaded on Instagram, she can be seen making a mouthwatering Indian snack for herself. In the caption, she wrote, “why cheat when you can chaat.” The dish Tamannaah can be seen preparing is sweet potato chaat with a lot of nutritious and tasty items. 

In the video, the actress reveals that sweet potato is an important part of her diet. To prepare the chaat, she takes sweet potato tikkis and places it on a serving plate. While arranging the tikkis, she recommends that she likes making them ‘chatpata and masaledar’ to enhance the flavour. 

Next, she puts sliced cucumber on it followed by a few spoons of fresh raita. Then Tamannaah layers the tikkis with pudine ki chutney. While telling the recipe, the actress mispronounces ‘pudina’ multiple times, but corrects herself immediately. After the chutney comes her ‘favourite crunch’ chana zor garam. She reveals that this versatile crunchy treat has been her favourite snack since childhood, and now it is also a part of her dal-chawal combo.  

Finally, she sprinkles some chaat masala over the yummy-looking treat and gives the finishing touch to her cheat meal with a few drops of lemon juice. The reel has got more than 1.5 million views and 136k likes. People in the comment section found the dish to be very tasty and are willing to give it a try. What is your take on Tamannaah's sweet potato chaat? Will you make it at home?