Tamannaah Bhatia Relishes South Indian Meal On Film Set

Actress Tamannaah Bhatia, who is known for her stellar performances in multiple South Indian films, is back on home ground filming her next in Ottappalam, Kerala – a horror movie. Dressed down in cotton saris, donning a simple look for her character, Bhatia shared some behind-the-scenes moments from the set – where she also relished a delicious meal for lunch that was an all South Indian fare. Served on a plate layered with a banana leaf, the actress can be spotted in the middle of picking up a morsel of the rice and lentil preparation known as bisi bele bath.

Although the actress has Sindhi roots, her extensive time spent filming on southern movie sets has enabled her to appreciate authentic, flavour-packed meals. Accompanying her carbohydrate component on the rather vibrant thali was an aloo masala sabzi, beans poriyal with grated coconut and red chillies and a dry preparation of amaranth leaves. In addition to this, her plate was also a seafood filled delight – with tiny prawns and fish tossed in a curry-leaf heavy masala. The lip-smacking meal also had a slice of onion on the side for Bhatia to bite into in-between morsels.

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Known to have a fairly normal diet with delicious but healthy swaps, the actress is known to enjoy preparations like ragi cheela, aloo tuk-Sindhi kadhi and even sweet potato chat. Not one to back down from relishing treats on the sets of her shoots, Tamannaah also enjoys snacks like vada pav in between shots. While these comfort foods might be what really make her happy, she is also conscious about her fitness – ensuring that she eats 4-5 small meals throughout the day.