Take A Tour Of These Sustainable Farms Around Delhi
Image Credit: https://unsplash.com/

Sustainable farming is the trend of the day and each one of us are emphasizing on the fact how important that same is. Sustainable farming or agriculture helps in the much-needed alternative to the conventional input-intensive agriculture and it’s vital to ensure the environment nutrition content is maintained. Sustainable farming is a practice that surely needs to be put in place as it’s the need of the hour. 

And keeping up with the trend there are few farms around Delhi who are changing the way our greens are grown and consumed. 

Farm In Box- 

This Hydroponic Farm happens to be one of the leading producers of the freshest and greenest and crunchiest vegetables that one can think of eating. Their nutrient-rich vegetables are healthy and and delicious. If wondering what is a Hydroponic Farm, is a method which involves growing plants without any soil but by using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent. All you need is fresh water, oxygen, root support and lots of plant nutrients and light. This farm has some of the crunchiest lettuce, spinach, kale, micro-rocket, romaine and more. 


With the concept of fresh and clean, Koshara farm is all about healthy, organic and farm fresh vegetables and fruits. Sustainability tops the list for them. From micro-irrigation, solar power and local inputs their farm sees it all. They believe that there’s nothing better than eating clean healthy along with some really tasty fruits and vegetables that are freshly plucked. All fruits and veggies are 100% natural which means that there is no use of genetically modified seeds or any means of artificial ripening that is used for the produce.

Tijara Organic Farm

This farm can be named as the pioneer of sustainable farming in the city and today most hotels and restaurants swear by this brand. This biodynamic farm is known for their fresh vegetables, fruits and as they have their own cows, they end up making their own cheese too. From fresh mozzarella, cream cheese, halloumi, feta they have it all. their seasonal produce, Indian veggies happen to be their USP. They even have a wide range of grains and flours like pulses, gluten-free flour, millet flour and some fresh sourdough too including fresh baked focaccia, pizza bases and more. 

And for those looking for farm to table experience host farm-to-table dining experiences, Tijara does it all. 

Responsibly Grown

Started by Richa and Nishit, in mid 2019, Responsibly Grown is all about supplying fresh, organic vegetables directly from the farm, so you know where your vegetables/fruits come from. No vegetables are kept in any kind of storage, as it reduces their nutrition level. Also apart from vegetables, they also have organic products like jaggery powder, chawanprash, oils, spices, attas & more.  All of their products are handmade and free of any kind preservatives or chemicals. They make sure that their crop sees utmost care.