T20 World Cup Finals 2024: Indian And South African Snacks
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Cricket is a bonding sport in India. The love and passion that people have for cricket in India is not something that can be compared with anything else. The Indian cricket team has played phenomenally in the recent T20 World Cup and has finally secured a place for itself in the final match against South Africa. Although the match will be organised in Barbados where thousands of people will be seeing it live, millions of people from different parts of the world will also be viewing the match sitting at home. 

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The joy of watching cricket becomes multifold when it is paired with something delicious to eat. For people who are excited about the T20 World Cup finals and want to make it a proper celebration, here are some delectable snacks from India and South Africa. That one can try.

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* Paneer Pakora

Monsoon has finally arrived in India and what better way to celebrate India reaching the finals than eating some crispy and fresh paneer pakoras? Paneer pakoras are extremely soft and delectable on the inside and crispy and crunchy on the outside. To make paneer pakora one has to simply buy some fresh paneer and cut it into small pieces. Simultaneously prepare a batter from chickpea flour, water and some classic Indian spices. Dip the pieces of paneer in the chickpea batter and deep fry the pieces in smouldering oil. One can enjoy it with some fresh green chutney.

* Vada Paav

Vada pav is a delectable snack from Maharashtra that is a full package for people who like to have heavy snacks that feel fulfilling and at the same time are core Indian in terms of flavour. Vada pav is made by making vada from mashed potatoes and covering them in a batter made from chickpea flour. These vadas are then put inside the pav with some green chutney and vada pav masala. After assembling the snack, one can enjoy it with some fresh green chutney and green chillies.

* Sosatie

Sosatie is a famous snack from South Africa that is made by cooking small pieces of meat in skewers. It is believed to have originated in Cape Town and has now become extremely popular in different parts of the world. It is like South African kebabs where pieces of meat are marinated in apricot jam and some citrusy fruits along with other spices. The choice for marination may sound a bit absurd, but the final result is extremely delectable. People generally like to make these kebabs with the help of lamb meat.

* Samosa

Samosa are the quintessential Indian snacks that people have been enjoying since decades now while watching TV. In monsoons, samosas start tasting even better for some reason. Samosa is made by using all-purpose flour for the outer coat and filling it with some mashed potatoes and spices. These are then deep-fried and served with some fresh chutney. However, if a person wants to keep the samosas healthy, then they can be made in the oven or air fryer as well.

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* Sticky Chicken Winglets

Sticky chicken winglets are not just popular in South Africa but in a lot of the countries as well. However, in South Africa, people like to enjoy the snacks in a very different and exotic manner. It is considered one of the most popular party foods and is made by using a special sauce that consists of ingredients like soya sauce, honey, tomato sauce, and some barbeque spices. The distinctive quality of the snacks is that they're sweet and sticky at the same time which makes them very tempting.

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* Chilli Chicken

Chilli chicken is the product of Indo-Chinese cuisine where some fresh pieces of chicken are marinated in a lot of spices, especially red chilli powder, and soya sauce. After marinating these pieces of chicken, they are coated with all-purpose flour or corn flour. The final step is to deep fry the snacks until they become properly soft from the inside. One can also choose to grill these pieces of chicken on the top of a griller.

* Koeksister

Koeksister is a sweet dish from South Africa that tastes a lot like doughnuts. It is made by making dough from all-purpose flour and then infusing it with lots of sugar syrup and honey to give it a nice sweet flavour. Lots of shredded coconut is also used to give a tropical flavour to this dish. The dough is then given a proper shape and then deep-fried in oil. It is a very famous confectionery item in South Africa and is a part of almost all celebratory occasions.