Swiggy Reveals Ice Cream Ordering Trends For Summer 2024
Image Credit: Pexels

The online food delivery and convenience platform – Swiggy – recently went on to share some interesting insights on consumer ordering trends for ice cream that have emerged this year. The study, which took into account the beginning of summer from March 1 up until the time when temperatures began to rise around April 15, a 16% increase has been witnessed in the order for ice creams since last year. While chocolate emerged as the all-time favourite flavour, seasonal specials like mango also ranked high in order of preferences.

Other flavours like tender coconut, roasted almond and plain vanilla also enjoyed an equal amount of demand from consumers. When observed more closely from a city-wise point of view, Mumbai’s users steered more towards fruity flavours like tender coconut and mango; whereas Hyderabad saw a great demand for the nuts overload ice cream flavours. Family favourite flavours like chocolate, sitaphal, mango and tender coconut were among top choices – with ice cream tubs reigning 25% higher than the availability of scoop-sized portions.

What was also most interesting to note was how the frozen dessert also became a go-to breakfast choice for many users. With over 80,000 users placing orders for ice cream between the 7am-11am slot, the 7pm-12am slot during the latter part of day was when there was the highest demand – with over 6.9 lakh confirmed orders being placed during the time. Daytime orders between 11am-4pm were also equally high in number at 4.6 lakhs during the afternoon. There has also been a 70% spike in the demand for vegan or guilt-free ice cream options when compared to the previous year, with Bengaluru leading the ‘ice cream for breakfast’ category.

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Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad also picked Naturals Ice Cream as their brand of choice where as Cream Stone Ice Cream emerged a fan favourite in Hyderabad. NIC Ice Creams also followed closely in second position with context to availability in major metro and tier 2 cities. Mumbai was also mentioned for having the single largest order of ice cream, where a user called for 141 orders containing 310 items of the frozen treat. Tell us what ice creams you’re bingeing on this summer, in the comments.