Sweet Corn Salad: Packed With Flavour And Nutrients
Image Credit: Youtube/ Udupi-Recipes

Salads are considered a healthy dish, and even though that is true, it is also an interesting dish for the various, innovative ways its taste can be enhanced with various ingredients, not just with green leafy vegetables made with vinegar and salt. Sweet Corn Salad is one such salad which brings together ingredients of contrasting textures and flavours. You can add vegetables and fruits of your choice, but with the addition of every vegetable or fruit the nutrient content is increased. Sweet Corn Salad is said to be good for weight loss, apart from a host of other health benefits. 

A play of flavours 

Sweet Corn Salad is made with carrots and pomegranate, spiced with pepper powder or black salt, a pinch of salt, and enhanced with a twist of lime. You can choose to garnish it with any ingredient you like, such as chopped peanuts. The salad is crunchy, slightly sweet and tangy. No fancy sauces are required. 

A bowlful of health

Sweet Corn Salad is healthy as each fruit and vegetable is loaded with nutrients. First and foremost, it is said to be good for weight loss. This is because the high dietary fibre content in sweet corn is said to keep one satiated for long hours, preventing overeating. Corn is also said to be good for digestion, heart health, and is believed to be good to control blood sugar, is claimed to prevent strokes, and contains folate and Vitamin B 9, among other benefits. 

Carrots, a root vegetable, are rich in Vitamin A, said to be good for the eyes, as well as beta-carotene, which is said to be good to control blood sugar. Pomegranate contains antioxidants, fibre, potassium, Vitamin C, manganese, folate, among other nutrients, making it a fruit good for health.  

History of salad

Salads are said to have been initially eaten by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Indians. The word 'salad' is said to have been derived from the ancient word 'herba salada' which roughly translates to salted herbs. Salads are the ultimate health food. 

Here is a recipe for Sweet Corn Salad: 


    1 cup of sweet corn

    1 cup of grated carrots

    ½ a pomegranate 

    A few chopped coriander leaves 

    Salt as per taste preference 

    1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder

    Juice squeezed from half of a lime

    A few peeled and chopped peanuts (optional)


    Wash one cup of sweet corn and boil it in a pan of one cup of water 

    Take off the  sweet corn from the flame and strain the water, then put the sweet corn in a bowl

    Grate the carrot and add it to the sweet corn, then add the pomegranate, add the coriander leaves, add the salt, the pepper powder, add the lime juice, and mix well

    Garnish the salad with chopped peanuts (optional) 

    Sweet Corn Salad ready!

Apart from being used in salads, sweet corn can also be used to make delicious Sweet Corn Soup.