‘Swaad Aur Sehat’: 5 Healthy Bihari Dishes You Must Try
Image Credit: Madua Ki Roti

Bihari cuisine is very rich and interesting, just like the people in the state. It has seasonal dishes made with light spices and nutritional ingredients. And, if you are thinking that Bihari cuisine is all about litti chokha, you need to gather a little more information. But like always, we have your back. Bihari cuisine has spices and ingredients used using different technique and methods. Apart from litti chokha, there are so many other dishes that are not just lip smacking but nutritious. Let us know about some of them.

Madua Ki Roti 

Since last few years, we have started realizing the importance of millets and started to consume them in several ways. But the Biharis have been consuming millets since ages and ‘Madua Ki Roti’ is a proof. This roti is made up using madua or ragi and is served with green seasonal vegetables. Ever tried it? 

Tisi Ki Chutney 

This healthy and delicious chutney is summer favourite. Hero ingredient of this chutney is flaxseeds with green chilies, garlic, ginger and raw mangoes. When there is extreme summer, this chutney acts as a savior and is believed to be a cure for sun stroke. It is power packed with nutrients and something that you must try.  

Sattu Ki Roti 

Sattu is the pride of Bihar, and nobody can deny this. This filling roti has chana sattu with garlic, ginger, minced onion, green chilies and spices used in pickles. When served with a spoonful of ghee, this dish tastes yummy and provides right amount of nutrients to the body.  

Matar Ka Dhokha 

This dish is similar to matar ka nimona and loaded with health benefits. Made with pureed green peas and ghee, this dish qualifies to be a perfect main course meal. It is a flavourful dish with a lot of nutrition and goes well with piping hot rice. 

Ole Ka Chokha 

If there is one vegetable which is quite underrated, it is jimikand also known as ole. This root vegetables are not just delicious but healthy too. Moreover, it is a quintessential ingredient in Bihari kitchens. Ole ka chokha is a simple yet classic Bihari dish known for its earthy taste. It has the vibrant flavours of lemon juice, green chilies and garlic.  

                                Image credits: Ole/Suran Ka Chokha

Bael Ka Sharbat 

Bael drink is a simple, classic, refreshing and healthy beverage consumed in many Bihari households, in summer. The fruit also known as wood apple pulp is mashed and juiced with a little sugar. This juice has the potential to cool you down from within while being good for your body.   

These were some of the delicious and healthy gems from Bihari cuisine. Let us know which of these have you tried, and which were new to you!