6 Tips For Effective Waste Management In Your Kitchen
Image Credit: Garbage Bin | Image Credit: Google.com

We all dream of fancy kitchen set-ups with chic crockery, planters, organised shelves, colourful backgrounds, and more. The setup instantly boosts our mood. However, in this beautiful kitchen set-up, we hardly visualise a garbage bin.

Garbage bins are one of the essential elements in our kitchen that many of us overlook. Although you may agree that a dustbin doesn’t fit in an aesthetic kitchen, in reality, no kitchen can do without a trash bin. A proper garbage bin in your kitchen makes the kitchen look clean and fresh. Besides, a few adjustments here and there can ensure a proper waste bin system in your kitchen without making it look messy. 

Thus, we have collated some tips to position your waste bin in the kitchen without making it look dirty or messy. Take a look: 

  • Fix A Spot To Set The Garbage Bin

While setting up the kitchen, make sure you allocate a spot for the garbage bin. The garbage bin should be kept in a hidden place or a corner, away from the food and utensils, to avoid contamination and a foul smell. Besides, keeping it in a hidden place prevents it from spoiling the look and vibe of the kitchen


  • Choose The Bins Right 

Proper disposal helps with safe kitchen practices. It is important to choose the right kind of bin for different types of waste. It is advisable to have two bins: one for the dry waste and another for the wet waste. Segregating the waste helps with proper disposal.   

  • Never Keep The Wastebin Open  

Always opt for wastebins with closed lids. This helps prevent the spreading of foul odours. Also, open bins become breeding grounds for germs, insects, and even flies, which can further contaminate the food. 

  • Dispose Of Waste Regularly  

Try to dispose of the waste in the trash can on a regular basis. Every locality has a recycling station to decompose or recycle the waste. Dump your kitchen waste on a regular basis to keep up the healthy kitchen practise. 

  • Clean And Sanitise The Garbage Bin Regularly   

Wastebins become the breeding ground for germs, infecting the entire kitchen setup. If the kitchen is unhygienic, it leads to unsafe cooking of meals, thus affecting overall health, including food poisoning. It is important to clean, sanitise, and dry the waste bins on a regular basis, to keep the kitchen a hygienic place. 

  • Minimise Wastage  

Keep the habit of minimising waste as much as possible. By doing this, you will not only reduce waste, but the disposal process will also get easier.