Summers are for mangoes and nostalgia and as we enjoy the mystical and fascinating king of fruits for a limited time of the year, we decided to make the most of it with some special recipes like Ras No Fajeto or Mango Kadhi and Mango Shahi Tukda. They say the love for mangoes is no “aambaat so, we decided to make everyday ‘mango’nificent this summer by marrying traditional flavours with a touch of modernity courtesy these recipes of Mango Kadhi and Mango Shahi Tukda.

It’s that time of year again when cravings for mango delights are at an all time high as the mango season has finally arrived and apart from being a delicious fruit, the immense health benefits of the tropical fruit can’t be looked over. Check out the recipes and the health benefits below.

1. Ras No Fajeto (Mango Kadhi) recipe

Ras No Fajeto or Mango Kadhi(Chef Udit Maheshwari)
Ras No Fajeto or Mango Kadhi(Chef Udit Maheshwari)

Ingredients for the kadhi:

Yogurt- 225 gm

Besan-2 tbsp

Ginger, chopped- ½ inch piece

Green Chillies- 3 whole

Ghee- 4 tbsp

Methi Seeds- ¼ tsp

Sarson Seeds- ¼ tsp

Cumin Seed- ½ tsp

Heeng - a pinch

Whole Red Chillies, dry- 3-4

Curry Leaves- 14-15

Turmeric Powder- ½ tsp

Pureed Mango- 250 ml

Salt to taste

Ingredients for the tempering:

Ghee- 2 tbsp

Whole Red Chillies, dry- 1-2

Red Chilli Powder- ¼ tsp

Method for the kadhi:

Grind the sour yogurt, ginger, green chillies, turmeric and besan together till smooth. In a kadhai, heat the ghee & once heated, add the heeng. Once fragrant, add the curry leaves, whole red chilies, sarson, cumin and methi seeds.

Lower the heat and add the yogurt mixture while stirring constantly. Keep stirring till the mixture comes to a boil. Once the mixture has come to a boil, lower the heat and add the mango puree, simmer for a few more minutes.

Method for the tempering:

Heat the ghee in a small pan. Once heated add the whole red chillies and the chilli powder. Pour over the prepared kadhi and take off the heat. Enjoy!

2. Mango Shahi Tukda Recipe

Mango Shahi Tukda(Chef Udit Maheshwari)
Mango Shahi Tukda(Chef Udit Maheshwari)

Ingredients for the ricotta cheese:

Full Cream Milk 1 liter

Lemon Juice 10 ml

Salt A pinch

Sugar 50 gm

Roasted Almonds 10 gm

Raisins 10 gm

Ingredients for the mango sauce:

Mango Puree 225 gm

Condensed Milk 50 gm

Sugar 30 gm

Lemon Juice 4-5 tbsp

Ingredients for the bread:

Bread Slices 6 pieces

Sugar 70 gm

Water 100 ml

Green Cardamom 2-3 pcs

Ghee 120 gm

Method for the ricotta cheese:

Heat the full-cream milk & sugar together till it reaches 85 degrees C, stir it occasionally to prevent it sticking to the pan. Reduce heat to low once the temperature is reached and add the lemon juice, stir it gently and you will see the curds begin to appear in a couple of minutes.

Remove from heat and let it stand for about 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile, line a sieve with muslin cloth. Carefully take out the ricotta and put it in the muslin-lined sieve. Let it drain for 15-20 min. Doing it for longer will make it too dry. Once cooled, add the sugar, the roasted almonds and the raisins.

Method for the mango sauce:

Puree the mangoes. Once pureed, mix the sugar & the condensed milk. Taste and add lemon juice according to taste. Refrigerate ready.

Method for the bread:

In a saucepan, mix the sugar, cardamom & the water & bring to a boil. Let it boil till it reaches single string consistency. Take off heat once ready. Cut the bread in a shape that suits you.

Melt ghee in a kadhai and deep fry the bread. Dip it in the sugar syrup with the help of a fork, remove and line on a plate. Stuff the bread slices with ricotta and cool in the refrigerator.

Just before serving, top it with the cooled mango sauce and some chopped, roasted pistachios. Enjoy!

(Recipes: Chef Udit Maheshwari, Chef Owner and Co-Founder, Pitaara Kitchen)


Unless consumed excessively, there are no side effects of eating mangoes which are high in vitamin C, helps cleanse skin from deep inside, treat pores and gives a glow to the skin. Their Vitamin C content helps to produce skin protein – collagen.

The fruit is essential in making hair healthy courtesy its vitamin A and keratin content that encourages hair growth and health, helps protect cells from harmful radicals owing to its several antioxidants, helps in reducing facial wrinkles and avoiding loose skin and is also rich in nutrients like Vitamin K, potassium and magnesium.