Summer Delicacy; How To make Mango Barfi
Image Credit: Mango barfi/Instagram- stunningfoodsnaps

A rich milk-based dessert called barfi, barfee, borfi, or burfi originates from the Indian subcontinent. Barf means snow in Hindustani (which was originally Persian). Besan barfi (made with gram flour), Kaju barfi (made with cashews), Pista barfi (made with powdered pistachios), and song barfi (made with peanuts) are examples of common barfi varieties. Sugar and milk powder make up the majority of a barfi's ingredients. The mixture is heated in a container until it solidifies. After cooling, the mixture is poured into a shallow pan. It is then served after being sliced into squares, diamonds, or circles. Barfi is often flavoured with fruits like mango or coconut, as well as spices like cardamom or rose water, in addition to almonds. It is available in a variety of hues and textures. A thin covering of edible metallic leaf known as vark is occasionally applied to barfi. Both casual and formal occasions serve it. Mango is the fruit of the summer season. Everything that has a mango flavour tastes refreshing, unique and delicious. And what's better than having a mango-flavoured barfi? Indian fudge with a mango flavour is known as mango barfi and adds a fruity twist to the classic dessert. Summertime is the ideal time to add mangoes to barfi because there are so many ripe, juicy, and fresh mangoes in the markets. This barfi recipe is simple to prepare, addicting, and ideal for celebrations like weddings and festivals. Mango puree, ghee, almonds, sugar, milk powder, coconut, and cardamom powder are all used to make mango barfi.



1. Cardomom Powder

2. Mango Puree

3. Ghee

4. Sugar

5. Milk Powder

6. Almonds

7. Cashew

8. Coconut


1. In a medium-sized non-stick skillet over medium heat, melt 1 tablespoon of ghee.

2. Fry 1/4 cup cashew nuts and 1/4 cup almonds until just beginning to brown (3-4 minutes). Turn off the heat and let the nuts cool in the skillet.

3. Place the cooled and roasted nuts in a grinder, and pulse until a fine powder forms.

4. Add 2 cups of mango puree to the skillet.

5. Use a spatula to thoroughly combine the skillet's contents after adding 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 1/2 cup milk powder, 1/4 cup desiccated coconut, and 1/2 teaspoon of cardamom powder.

6. Cook over medium heat until the mixture begins to separate from the skillet's sides (10-12 minutes). While cooking, keep stirring often.

7. Use ghee to grease a 6-inch baking dish.

8. With a silicone spatula, transfer the mixture to the prepared pan and smooth it out evenly.

9. Garnish with silver foil.

10. To set the burfi, leave the pan on the counter for an hour. Serve after cutting into small pieces.