Sudha Murty On Being A Not-So-Good Cook, Favourite Food And More

Philanthropist, Indian Educator and author Sudha Murty always speaks her heart out and we know this. Recently, Sudha Murty interacted with actor, author and food critic Kunal Vijayakar in his Youtube channel “Khaane Mein Kya Hain” and enjoyed a scrumptious feast while having an interesting chat. The duo enjoyed an authentic South Indian meal at By 2 Coffee-Bhojana Shale in Bengaluru’s Vijaynagara. Clearly declaring herself a big-time foodie, Sudha Murty revealed her favourite dishes, her culinary skills, the country’s diverse cuisines and more. 

Here is the video: 

Video credits: Khaane Mein Kya Hai/YouTube

Murty talked about the vast culinary graph of Karnataka and explained how different regions offer a different set of cuisine. She talked about the dominance of rice in the cuisine and proudly declared herself a “foodie”. Murty candidly admitted that she is not-so-good cook, but is fond of eating, "I love eating good food, but I am not a good cook. It’s not that I don’t like cooking, it's just that I don’t know how to cook. This is because I have always been out with work and couldn’t dedicate my time to cooking”. She added that she knows basic cooking like dal, sabji, parotta, sabji and makes really good tea. Sudha talked about her love for poha and her hometown Hubbali known for around 16 varieties of poha.  

The next, we see Sudha introducing the first course meal served to Kunal Vijayakar and telling him how much she loves sweets. Murty then shared her favourite dishes from other regions like “Dhokla from Gujarat, shrikhand from Pune, basundi from Kolhapur, pineapple from Tripura, sandesh from Kolkata, dum aloo from Kashmir, and jalebi from Rajasthan. She said she is fond of Bakarwadi, a snack from Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, a renowned chain in Maharashtra. 

Sudha, being a strict vegetarian, also shared her concerns about cross-contamination of utensils when dining out. “I am adventurous in work but not in terms of food”. She fears the fact that what if a single spoon being used for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes? She said that she always looks for pure vegetarian restaurants as she doesn't eat eggs and even garlic.  

She always carries one bag full of eatables. "It has 25-30 chapattis, fried sooji to make it ready to eat. I carry Poha and also a small cooker", she said. Sudha told how she used to make fun of her grandmother who used to carry a similar food bag and now, she does the same. Sudha also introduced tambuli, made of buttermilk, coconut, spices and an uncooked veggie to Kunal Vijayakar. She also talked about Mangalore cucumber and different ways to cook it.  Sudha also shared her love for films, Bollywood actors and music. 

In a recent Instagram post shared by Kunal Vijayakar, “Kunal was seen asking some interesting questions from Sudha. In one of the questions asked, Kunal asked Sudha Murty if she loves spicy food or sweet food. To this, Sudha replied “I love both, but I prefer sweets more. All kinds of sweets”, she added.