Submarino: The Argentinian Hot Chocolate Drink Has All Our Heart

In winters, there is truly nothing that a glass of hot chocolate can’t fix. With its pure decadence, warmth and goodness of chocolatey flavours, hot chocolate makes a perfect go-to winter drink. Through hundreds of experiments, we have come up with innumerable variations of this drink. Argentinian people have their own hot chocolate, called submarino. 

Submarino is a decadent drink that is traditionally savoured in Argentina and Uruguay.  The name of the drink submarino translates to submarines, which is a subtle reference to the way the drink is submerged with rich flavours of chocolate. The drink is put together by melting the chocolate inside a hot glass of hot milk until it fully dissolves. It is served right after it is made while it’s still hot so that the chocolate directly sinks into the glass and breaks down within seconds. Once blended, it is typically served in a long glass held in a holder. The holder is designed with a handle so that the glass can be held without burning oneself. As soon as the winter season arrives, chocolate lovers gush over this drink. It is best enjoyed on a cold day to ward off the chill. So, who’s up to try this creamy drink? Here is the recipe:   


  • Half a bar of chocolate
  • A glass of milk
  • Sugar as per taste
  • Cocoa powder for garnishing 


  • Boil milk in a saucepan until it becomes hot; add sugar to it 
  • Transfer the milk into a tall glass; drop a few pieces of chocolate into it
  • Wait until the chocolate bar completely melts into it; then gently stir it with a spoon
  • Sprinkle cocoa powder over the top  
  • Your drink is ready to serve and relish