Struggling To Lose Weight? Switch To These Healthy Rotis
Image Credit: Ragi Roti

An Indian thali is incomplete without chapati also known as roti or phulka. Traditionally, rotis are made of wheat which we have been eating since time immemorial. Wheat not only provides balanced nutrients to the body but makes up for such rotis that are lightly sweet and perfectly fluffy. Chapatis go well with everything, from curries to dals, from chutneys to achars. It is not just about versatility but about the health benefits it carries. 

However, there are many people out there who have stopped eating chapatis while trying hard to shed some extra kilos. But you know what? You don’t actually have to cut on rotis. Rather you can make them with even healthier alternatives. Yes, there are some ingredients that you can use completely in the place of wheat, or you can mix them with wheat for making some healthy and weight loss-friendly rotis. Wanna know what these ingredients are? Have a look below: 

Ragi Roti 

We all know how amazing this little millet it. Ragi is a reddish-brown coloured millet, loaded with protein, iron and calcium. Ragi could be a perfect and healthy alternative for wheat and can benefit the body in so many ways, especially weight loss. Ragi gives a nutty flavour to the chapati. But its flavour could be enhanced using jeera, ajwain and coriander. 

Bajra Roti 

Another millet most commonly used is bajra. This brown greyish coloured millet is power packed with iron, zinc, magnesium as well as calcium. Bajra flour can perfectly replace your wheat flour and work like magic when it comes to weight loss. One can add other flours too in the bajra flour to enhance the flavour. 

Besan Ki Roti 

Well, besan not just makes up amazing pakodas and chilas but can also make tasty and healthy rotis. All you need to do is make a dough of besan just like you used to do with wheat flour and make rotis as usual. Besan is power packed with fiber and thus, it can keep stomach full for a longer time. They can prevent hunger pangs and can aid in weight loss. 

Makki Ki Roti 

Makki ki roti is a staple in North Indian households. It could be a perfect replacement for wheat flour as it is low in calories and high in starch as well as protein. Besides, makki or maize is also loaded with zinc, iron, phosphorus and many other minerals. The high starch content in it helps in weight management. 

Jowar Roti 

Jowar is yet another millet which contains so many vitamins and minerals. It is power packed with dietary fiber as compared to other grains and assists weight loss. It contains protein, calcium, iron and many other minerals which makes it a perfect alternative to wheat flour. Jowar is also good for weight loss. 

What say? When are you switching to these healthy rotis?